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We Make TV Media Monitoring Easy

It can be difficult to monitor all of the TV news coverage related to your organization, but that's where SnapStream comes in and lightens the load. It's basically an enterprise DVR that monitors local and national TV markets, whether you're in the U.S., Canada or Australia. Record multiple TV channels at once. Search TV by keyword to find anything said on TV. Create unlimited TV clips and share them in SnapStream's cloud or across social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It's that easy with SnapStream.

New Social TV Integration with Twitter + Facebook

SnapStream 6.4 — Released September 16, 2014

Media Monitoring Software: Share TV on Twitter and Facebook

Share TV Clips, Screenshots and Animated GIFs on Social Media

SnapStream is your essential social + TV tool, providing TV shows with a seamless end-to-end workflow that can effectively amplify engagement, drive tune-in and boost Social TV ratings:

  • Tweet out or reply to tweets with TV screenshots, high-quality TV clips and animated GIFs.
  • Post TV clips and TV screenshots directly to your Facebook Fan Page.

Learn how SnapStream enables you to generate valuable social interactions, with quickness and ease, to achieve maximum engagement.


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