Case Studies

Case Studies

Read how organizations worldwide are choosing to record, seach and archive their own TV with SnapStream.

Television and Film Production

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Current TV

Current TV and infoMania replace their "messy" DVR setup with centralized TV Search appliances, for the win.
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The Jed Report’s Search for Timely Political Television

Jed Report Logo

SnapStream gave political blogger Jed Lewison the ability to quickly search, identify and begin editing telecasts as he needed them – in real time.

Television Broadcasting

TV Station Gains Competitive Edge, Ad Verification Tool

KHOU TV Station Logo

KHOU-TV, Houston’s CBS affiliate and a Belo TV station, replaced VCRs and VHS tapes for its station airchecks, while gaining a new tool for competitive intelligence and ad verification.

Monitoring Hillary Clinton's Race to the White House


The Clinton Campaign needed a faster, easier and more centralized system for their staff to be able to monitor media effectively and to respond to the media efficiently.

City Government

Recording the City on the Bayou

City of Houston Seal

The City of Houston Mayor's Office modernized an outdated TV capture system based on VHS-cassette tapes and recorders and streamlined their media awareness practices.

Radio Broadcasting

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Rocks it with SnapStream

Kidd Kraddick Logo

Kidd Kraddick and his team of producers use SnapStream to integrate television into their nationally syndicated morning talk radio program, “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning”

Analyzing TV to Streamline Communications Efforts

City of Greensboro

The City of Greensboro, the third largest city in North Carolina, records television to monitor and evaluate employees' interviews in local news broadcasts. SnapStream replaced the city's antiquated VCR setup to provide an efficient solution for monitoring and search TV.

K-12 Education

Getting Television into the Classroom

Tri Rivers Logo

Tri-Rivers Career Center supplements its vocational training courses with educational TV programming. SnapStream delivers recorded TV content to every classroom, creating a digital library for teachers.

Monitoring TV in the City of Sugar Land, TX

City of Sugarland Logo

SnapStream helps Sugar Land keep things running smoothly. Replacing TiVo, SnapStream records all major network news and even captures city council meetings for local rebroadcast. Sweet!

Using TV to Enhance Classroom Curriculum

Forsyth Logo

The Forsyth County School District needed an easier way of bringing TV to the classroom, while also eliminating the bulk and clutter of TVs, VCRs, and VHS tapes.

NEW! Tracking TV in the Live Music Capital of the World

The City of Austin has a powerful shared network setup, where SnapStream resides in Austin City Hall for use by all the department PIOs across the city. Having a single solution provides self-service for all 25-30 departments, eliminating the need for clip requests and enabling the city to do more with less.

Public Relations

Rounding up the News for the Houston Rodeo

Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo Logo

As a central part of its public relations effort, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo creates a daily DVD of media mention during its annual celebration of Western culture.. SnapStream has helped the Rodeo simplify and streamline this process.

Colleges & Universities

Library Maintains Visual Archive With SnapStream

University of Hawaii Logo

The University of Hawaii preserves TV broadcasts about island history and culture. The library switched to SnapStream, after decades of using VCRS, to ensure the integrity and longevity of its media collection.

Helping a PR Firm Create Buzz

Kaplow PR Firm

Kaplow, a full-service PR firm in New York City, improved its ability to take advantage of high-profile public relations opportunities on television. By carefully monitoring TV with SnapStream, Kaplow has garnered valuable media exposure for their clients, their brands and their products.

Analyzing Broadcast Journalism at Emerson College

Emerson College Logo

The Department of Journalism at Emerson College uses SnapStream to gain access to a constant stream of televised newscasts for all kinds of classroom study, from content analysis to independent student projects.

Law Enforcement

Fostering Goodwill at Miami PD

Miami Police Department Logo

Miami PD's Public Information Office now spends a mere fraction of its day monitoring television, enabling them to re-allocate resources towards meaningful community programs.

Media Monitoring

Automating TV Recording and Analysis

Stratatech Logo

With SnapStream, Stratatech provides clients with detailed reports that measure and evaluate on-air mentions versus cost for specific televised sporting events.

The City of Plano Upgrades its TV Technology

Plano Police Department Patch

Plano's Police Department, which serves one of the largest suburbs of Dallas, uses SnapStream to record and monitor televised newscasts for mentions of their city and police department. The ability to digitally search and archive TV has transformed their entire process, top to bottom.

20,000 VHS Tapes Under the Sea

Metro Monitor Logo

Metro Monitor improved the efficiency of its media monitoring business by eliminating the physical storage and transport of VHS cassette tapes. The all-digital process allows them to offer same-day video access to their clients, which is much faster!

Serving the Sheriff in Houston's Harris County

Harris County Sheriff's Office Badge / Logo

The Harris County Sheriff's Office expanded their use of news media television broadcasts for investigative work and PR by cutting the expense of TV clips from an outside media monitoring agency. Did you know SnapStream is based in Houston?