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Beyond TV 4 Updates

Registered users of Beyond TV 4.x can download and install the following free updates to the latest release of Beyond TV 4.

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Download Now Beyond TV 4 Update
(Version 4.9.3, 47 MB)

Release Notes
See the newest features and fixes we've added to Beyond TV with each version update.


Beyond TV Retail Packaging

Activate DVD Burning & H.264 Plug-in: With Beyond TV's integrated DVD Burning Plug-in, creating DVDs of your TV recordings is simple and easy.

Try it by activating the DVD Burning & H.264 Plug-in trial from the "Settings" menu.



Are you recording in HDTV? If you aren't, here's some advice from one geek to another: you should be. It's great. No monthly fees and a beautiful, pure digital signal.

You can learn more about setting up HDTV in Beyond TV and then buy everything you need (HDTV tuner card, antenna and cabling) with one of our HDTV Tuner Card Bundles.