Search TV in a Flash

SnapStream Interface: Search

When you enter in a keyword or phrase, SnapStream's TV monitoring software zips through its index of closed captioning data and program guide meta data to retrieve and suggest the most relevant results in milliseconds. SnapStream's powerful TV search engine not only produces exact matches but also broad matches using language intelligence. Select a result to play and you're taken precisely to the point of mention, which is incredibly more efficient than manually watching, fast-forwarding or scanning to find content of interest.

Record and Store Endless TV Content

Monitoring TV channels

Manually monitoring TV channels is a thing of the past. SnapStream's TV monitoring software is a DVR on steroids, automatically recording and archiving a limitless number of TV shows that are relevant to your needs. SnapStream starts at 4 channels with a solid 3TB base of storage (3,400 hours or 141 days). Within the same chassis, record up to 10 channels with 36TB of storage (40,800 hours or 1700 days). But it doesn't stop there. Check out SnapStream Clustering to learn about scalable recording and storage options.

Watch Live TV and Review Transcripts

News Monitoring Software

With SnapStream's TV monitoring software, you can watch live or recorded TV on the left and follow the TV transcript scrolling on the right. Resize the windows to prioritize your focus or monitor every pixel of the broadcast in full-screen. To sift through the content quickly, click on any keyword in the closed captioning and the video will jump to that point. SnapStream's multi-viewer plays and syncs four shows simultaneously, while TV playlists enable you to view multiple pieces of content in sequence.

Clip and Share TV in the Cloud

TV clipping tool

SnapStream makes it easy to create, cloud share and auto-generate unlimited TV clips, with no per-clip fees. Producing a clip with SnapStream's clipping tool is as simple as setting a start point and end point, or selecting a text block from the transcript. Then, the clip can be readily shared to social media, uploaded to YouTube, added to a TV playlist, archived, downloaded or repurposed. SnapStream also auto-clips and auto-shares relevant TV segments via your TV Alerts.

ShowSqueeze Live to H.264 or WMV

Transcode TV to WMV and H.264

ShowSqueeze, SnapStream's integrated transcoding engine, converts the native recording format of MPEG-2 to other video codecs, like WMV 7, WMV 9 and H.264. ShowSqueeze Live lets you transcode recordings in real time, so when a broadcast ends, your file is ready to go. Using Worfklows, you can automate and schedule such post-processing tasks for specific types of recordings, e.g. by channel or category.

Share TV on Twitter and Facebook

Social TV Ratings, Nielsen SocialGuide, Twitter TV Ratings, Tune-In

Twitter and Facebook are extensions of the living room, as a community where the social experience of TV is shared in real time. With SnapStream, TV shows can maximize engagement on social media—by sharing TV clips, TV screenshots and animated GIFs—to ultimately connect with viewers, drive tune-in and elevate Nielsen ratings.

Ping! TV Alerts with Auto-Clips

TV clipping tool

Why repeat the same keyword search every day? With SnapStream TV Alerts, you'll receive email updates summarizing mentions and clips of the topics, people, events and issues you're closely tracking. TV Alerts include a transcript excerpt along with a play link or a cloud-shared clip, so you and any external personnel can review the segment of interest. Plus, you can determine the frequency of your email notifications: as it happens, daily, weekly and so forth.

Detect Commercials with SmartChapters

commercial detection, ad verification

SmartChapters appear as grey and white segments on the Web Player timeline to let you skip freely between programs and commercials. You can even filter your TV search results to include or exclude commercials. See the ad verification example to the right: we limited our search to mentions of "Swiffer" only within ads.

For public relations measurement or product placement tracking, you'd perform the opposite search, to find organic mentions of the brand Swiffer on news programs, TV shows and more.

With one ShowSqueeze Node, you can generate SmartChapters for 10 channels of analog TV being recorded 24/7 at Best Quality.

Monitor More TV with Clustering

scalable TV monitoring

Your TV monitoring operation may start small, but what will happen when you're ready to scale up? Thanks to SnapStream's clustering technology, you can easily expand your solution any which way by mixing and matching nodes. Go any direction: Record a limitless number of TV channels, archive years worth of TV content, transcode bulk batches of TV files simultaneously, or do it all. With multiple SnapStream nodes combined, you'll still log into one simple interface to manage them all. And the best part is, all TV remains consistently searchable across the board.

Edit and Clip from TV Transcripts

TV Transcripts

SnapStream provides access to view, download and edit full-length transcripts based on the transmitted closed captioning information. As an alternative to clipping from the Web Player, the transcript provides an easy way to create TV clips by selecting a block of text. Then it's totally seamless to share a clip in the cloud, upload it to YouTube or add it to a playlist. SnapStream's intelligent TV search technology formats, spell checks and auto-corrects the text as it's ingested in real time, resulting in a nicely polished transcript.

Foolproof Tested and IT Approved

TV monitoring technology

We're happy to tell you that SnapStream installs quickly and requires minimal upkeep. As an enterprise-class solution, SnapStream comes turnkey, with layers of redundancy and security to handle all of your TV monitoring tasks with reliability and ease. Everything connects over your local area network, so it's no muss, no fuss to get SnapStream up and running in minutes. Plus, SnapStream's highly-skilled support team is poised to assist with any questions or problems.

SnapStream iPad App for on-the-go

TV clipping tool

Stream TV content across your network to share the rich information found in broadcast media. With SnapStream's iPad app, your TV recordings are now in the palm of your hand. Search, play, clip and share TV on the go from the convenience of your tablet. The app also works with AirPlay, so you can easily display TV content in meetings and presentations.

SnapStream API

SnapStream API

Customize your TV monitoring experience with SnapStream's API, which enables the creation of quick and easy custom workflows. Our API is free and available to all current SnapStream users.