Search TV in a Flash

SnapStream Interface: Search

SnapStream searches TV in milliseconds and takes you to the exact point of mention inside any TV show, based on the closed captioning data. With TV search, you can find a needle in a haystack.

Record Lots of TV

Monitoring TV channels

SnapStream is a DVR on steroids. Record 4 to 10 channels on a single box and keep it all organized in your SnapStream TV Library. Storage ranges from 4TB to 40TB, which gives you room for about 4,500 to 45,300 hours of TV.

Watch Live TV with Transcripts

News Monitoring Software

Watch live or recorded TV, and monitor the TV transcript, with resizable windows for each. Click a keyword in the transcript to skip ahead. Multi-view plays up to 4 TV shows at once. Watch content in sequence with TV playlists.

Clip and Share TV in the Cloud

TV clipping tool

Let everyone in your organization create their own TV clips. It's easy and unlimited. Clips shared through SnapStream's Cloud are viewable by anyone, from anywhere. To really save time, let SnapStream auto-clip the topics you're tracking.


Transcode TV to WMV and H.264

SnapStream natively records in MPEG-2. Need another format? ShowSqueeze quickly converts files to codecs like H.264, WMV 7, WMV 9 or XDCAM, as fast as real time. Workflows provide more custom and automated transcoding options.

Share TV on Twitter and Facebook

Social TV Ratings, Nielsen SocialGuide, Twitter TV Ratings, Tune-In

For TV shows and networks looking to engage viewers on social media: Our Tweets Tabs is the only way to see live-tweets and TV shows together, side by side. Quickly share TV moments to Twitter and Facebook, like TV clips, TV screenshots and animated GIFs.

Ping! TV Alerts with Auto-Clips

TV clipping tool

Get all your important TV mentions and clips emailed to you in real time, or as frequently as you'd like, with SnapStream TV Alerts. Clips are delivered through SnapStream's Cloud—viewable by anyone, anywhere.


commercial detection, ad verification

SmartChapters auto-detect commercial breaks, so you can easily skip between the program and the ads. It's the perfect tool for ad verification. Filter your search results to include or exclude commercials.

Example: Search for keyword "Swiffer" only within ads.

Monitor More TV

scalable TV monitoring

Scale your configuration seamlessly, with SnapStream clustering technology: Record 50+ TV channels, archive years of TV content, or amp up your processing power for large transcoding jobs. No matter how many SnapStream nodes are combined, you only log into one simple interface.

Edit, Clip + Play from TV Transcripts

TV Transcripts

For every TV recording, SnapStream generates an editable, interactive TV transcript. The transcript is also another way to jump into watching a broadcast and to create TV clips, by selecting a block of text.

IT and Tech Support

TV monitoring technology

SnapStream installs quickly and requires little IT maintenance. Our enterprise-class platform is built with redundancy and security features to deliver the most reliable experience. Every user has phone and email access to our tech support team in Houston, TX.

SnapStream for iPad

TV clipping tool

SnapStream's iPad app lets you search, play, clip and share TV on the go. The app also works with AirPlay, to display TV content in meetings / presentations.

SnapStream API

SnapStream API

Customize your TV monitoring experience with SnapStream's API, which enables the creation of quick and easy custom workflows. Our API is free and available to all current SnapStream users.

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