Full Features List

Features generally apply for the SnapStream SD, HD and Small Business Edition. Distinctions made below.

Reliable and powerful hardware

  • Qualified, tested and burned-in by SnapStream
  • Hot-swappable, fault-tolerant storage array
  • Rack-mountable in 3U or 4U configurations
  • Enterprise-grade SAS storage backplane
  • Dual redundant, load-balancing power supplies
  • Ingests a variety of inputs: SD, HD/QAM, DVB-T, PAL, ASI and IPTV

Easy to set up and maintain

  • Shipped pre-configured with your line-up information
  • Simple installation: connect your TV source, power and LAN connection and turn it on!
  • Simple client installation: just run the SnapStream Link installer
  • Self-healing service architecture provides application-level redundancy
  • Automatic disk space management (oldest recordings are deleted to make room for new recordings)
  • Automatic daily download of TV listings information
  • Web-based advanced settings interface

Watch recordings and live TV

  • Play and pause recordings and live TV
  • Watch a recording while it's in progress
  • Fast-forward and rewind at multiple speeds
  • One-button 7-second replay and 30-second skip forward
  • Jump to a particular time within a recording
  • View program information, original air date and other show information
  • Sort the TV Library by series, channel, folder, date and clips
  • Run exports and Workflows on demand from the TV Library
  • Jump between commercials and television programming using SnapStream's SmartSkip
  • Watch recordings full-screen or windowed on your desktop
  • Do work on your PC while TV plays in a window (set the SnapStream window as "always on top")
  • Capture a video screenshot in native resolution (timestamp in file name)
  • New layout displays program guide information next to the Web Player
  • Share a TV clip while viewing from the Web Player

Schedule and manage recordings

  • Browse two-week program guide
  • Schedule "smart" recordings (Record all episodes, new episodes or just one episode)
  • Browse shows by category (such as "News" or "Talk Shows") and schedule individual recordings
  • Search program guide by title and keyword to schedule recordings
  • Rank the priorities of your recording jobs by order of importance
  • Resolve conflicts in the Recording Manager directly from the priorities view and the EPG
  • Record all shows on a single channel as individual shows or specify a 24/7 recording as custom time blocks
  • Record timed segments of TV with program guide data
  • Seamless transitions between 24/7 recording blocks on the same HD channel
  • Black out specific chunks of time from your 24/7 recording jobs; works for manual jobs or program guide jobs
  • Designate a tuner for viewing Live TV only
  • "Pad" recordings that run the chance of starting early or ending late
  • Configure recording quality, padding, SmartSkip and other parameters globally and for individual recordings
  • Schedule recordings to delete after X days
  • 80xs faster than before, the Scheduler allows you to navigate through the Viewscape without delay
  • Schedule manual recordings using one-hour time blocks in the EPG

Search within recordings

  • Search instantly after a start of a recording, based on real-time closed-caption information
  • Advanced search operators incorporate Boolean logic (and, or, not); filter by date, title description and category
  • Dropdown from the search bar simplifies advanced search
  • Preview program guide results above recorded TV mentions found in the closed captioning
  • Toggle between results from TV recordings and the program guide
  • Search by Channel ("channel:12"), network ("network:ABC"), or call sign ("callsign:KHOU")
  • Search clips only (is:clip)
  • Create saved filters to refine your searches
  • Search results start playback at matching place within recording
  • When a search term doesn't produce substantial results, the "Did you mean?" message appears to suggest relevant alternatives, based on advanced language intelligence and contextual factors
  • Closed-Captioning data is automatically archived once a recording is deleted, and continues to be searchable
  • Search via the Web interface is now up to 4X faster
  • Search tab makes it easy to find mentions within a show during playback in the Web Player

Set up automatic TV Alerts

  • Set up SnapStream TV Alerts and receive an e-mail anytime a saved keyword or phrase is recorded
  • With auto-clip and auto-share, SnapStream includes cloud-based clips on the topics you're tracking
  • Use the "Test Alert Now" feature to preview results
  • Track and view your TV Alert History

Create unlimited TV clips

  • Clipping is seamlessly integrated into SnapStream's Web interface
  • Drag the start and end points to set the boundaries of your clip
  • Select a text block from the transcript to make a clip
  • Make edits to the closed capitoning text in the transcript
  • Add clips or segments directly to playlists from the Web Player
  • Clip while program is in progress
  • Clip with accuracy using frame-by-frame playback
  • Specify a destination folder for clips
  • Save clips to the My Clips folder for easy reference
  • Status box shows clip creation in progress and offers a convenient play link
  • Separate clips view from the Library
  • Add additional tags to metadata when creating a clip

Share TV Clips in the Cloud

  • One-step clip and share: Share and play TV clips in SnapStream's privately-hosted cloud
  • Download TV clips and view the transcript from the cloud
  • Unshare TV clips at anytime
  • View stats on how many times a clip has been viewed from the interface or download a CSV report

Share TV Content on Social Media NEW!

  • Upload TV clips to YouTube Channel(s) directly from SnapStream
  • Reply to tweets with TV screenshots (with optional text overlay), TV clips and animated GIFs from connected Twitter account(s)
  • View live-tweets about a TV show right next to it; snap to a point in the show
  • Post TV screenshots (with optional text overlay) and TV clips to connected Facebook Fan Page(s)

ShowSqueeze and Transcripts

  • ShowSqueeze recordings and clips to Windows Media Video (WMV) or H.264 for smaller file sizes
  • ShowSqueeze supports H.264 + AAC for .mov files
  • ShowSqueeze Live lets you transcode recordings in-progress
  • Download recordings and clips from the appliance to the client, for archival or use in 3rd party software
  • Download, view or edit a complete text transcript for a recording
    • The web interface allows users to view and edit advanced features
    • Access control grants the administrator to grant permissions, such as watching shows, making recordings, and editing system settings to certain groups. This can be tied to an active directory system.
    • Folder security: grant specific user groups permission to view and access particular video folders in the library
    • Active Directory support for groups and authentication
    • Documents all user log-ins and detail use of each user found in the View Log
    • SnapStream can be configured to notify an administrator by email whenever an error occurs
    • Encrypted communication between all clients and SnapStream for improved security
    • Warning and Email Alerts are pre-configured with SnapStream.net service
    • Re-import video files and SRT files
    • Reorganized and consolidated Admin settings

    Web Player for Mac and PC

    See FAQ
    • Web Player runs from the Web interface on your Mac or PC
    • Supported on Windows XP and above, Mac 10.6.3 and above
    • Access full TV monitoring features from your Web browser: For Windows, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. For Mac, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
    • Windows Web Player supports WMV, H.264 and MPEG-2 (in-progress and pre-recorded)
    • Mac Web Player supports H.264 and MPEG-2 (in-progress and pre-recorded)
      • Search results include video that plays back in the browser
      • Video plays from the point of mention
      • Transcript auto-scrolls alongside the broadcast
      • Click on any word in the transcript to jump to that point
      • Skip to the next keyword mention using the arrows
      • Play four TV shows simultaneously
      • View multiple pieces of content in sequence with TV playlists
      • Run processing tasks from your playlists
      • Resizable transcript and video windows
      • Fast forward, rewind, play, pause, seek, skip forward and back
      • SmartChapters let you skip between programs and commercials
      • Add custom tags to any media item from the Web Player or TV Library
      • Directly ShowSqueeez, SmartChapter or Run a Workflow on any piece of content
      • Control volume
      • Adjust skip forward and back settings to a specific number of seconds
      • Link to a show
      • Jump to a specific point in the program
    • Web browser plug-in installs from first time use; administrative privileges may not be necessary
    • Watch live TV with channel changing capabilities
    • Watch all of your TV content (live and recorded) with a fullscreen experience


    • Drag-and-drop rule builder puts you in total control of post-processing tasks
    • No more global settings; automate transcoding at the job level
    • Specify exact destination folders under different rules
    • Save storage space by systematically reducing individual file sizes
    • Set up as many Workflows as you'd like.
    • Run Workflows on demand from the TV Library
    • Run Workflows from Playlists and the Web Player
    • Specify which User Groups have permissions to run specific Workflows
    • Triggers include:
      • Recording Finished
      • Recording Started: Allows you to transcode in-progress recordings
      • Clip Created
      • Days After Recording Finished
      • ShowSqueeze Finished
      • Only When Run Manually
      • Days After Clip Created
      • Run at a Specific Time
    • Filters include:
      • From Job
      • On Channel
      • Of File Format
      • HD
      • Movies
      • From Series
      • From Category
      • In Folder
      • Clips
      • Locked
      • Of resolution
    • Actions include:
      • Transcode to H.264
      • Transcode to WMV
      • SmartChapter
      • Copy
      • Move
      • Delete
      • Generate Transcript and Email it to Recipients
      • Transcode to H.264 (TP)
      • Transcode to QuickTime
      • Export Item, Including Export to Amazon S3
      • Lock Item
      • Unlock Item
      • Switch To
      • Share Clip in the Cloud to Recipients

    SmartChapter Commercial Detection

    • The SmartChapter feature auto-detects commercials by marking major scene changes
    • Web Player timeline shows grey segments for commercials and white segments for programming
    • Use the up and down arrow keys to skip from one SmartChapter to the next
    • Refine TV search results include or exclude commercials, based on SmartChapters
    • Two ways to SmartChapter from the primary Web interface:
      • Select recordings from the library to SmartChapter individually or in a batch
      • Set up task rules to SmartChapter specific recordings on an automated basis


    • Cluster two or more SnapStream appliances to increase tuners (# of channels recording) and storage
    • Specifically expand the TV search archive with the SnapStream Storage Node
    • Export content with the SnapStream HD-SDI Playout Node
    • Enhance transcoding with the SnapStream ShowSqueeze Node
    • File streaming between nodes in a cluster is improved for greater stability and reliability
    • Network enhancements for larger clusters
    • Seamless scalability when adding new nodes

    SnapStream HD

    See FAQ
    • Record ATSC (over-the-air digital broadcasts) directly from a digital antenna without a digital-to-analog converter
    • Record from an in-house custom QAM feed
    • Capture up to 5 HD feeds at once
    • Supports clustering

    SnapStream HD-SDI Playout Node

    See FAQ
    • Output video from the SnapStream appliance to your SDI router and/or workstations
    • Queue up multiple recordings at the same time for output
    • Manage recordings in the queue using custom controls to play, stop and seek

    SnapStream ShowSqueeze Node

    See FAQ
    • Convert MPEG-2 recorded on the SnapStream appliance to H.264 or WMV
    • Transcode up to 10 video files simultaneously
    • Retain search meta data in the flipped file format

    SnapStream Storage Node

    See FAQ

    • Expand the TV archive beyond 36TB on one SnapStream appliance
    • Retain seamless searchability; conduct one search
    • Scale to petabyte storage

    SnapStream Small Business Edition

    See FAQ
    • Full TV search functionality and all general features listed above
    • Limited to 5 client licenses and 3TB storage
    • No clustering capabilities

    SnapStream API

    • Programmatically interface with SnapStream software to implement custom solutions quickly and easily
    • Pass and receive data between SnapStream and external applications
    • Manage and create tasks
    • Search and create notifications
    • Automate custom workflows
    • Uses JSON Web Services

    SnapStream iPad App

    • Search TV (H.264 and H.264 TP)
    • Browse TV Library (H.264 and H.264 TP)
    • Play TV (H.264 and H.264 TP)
    • Clip TV
    • Share TV clips in the cloud