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Create Unlimited, High-Quality TV Clips

Clipping in the cloud

Clipping services charge a fortune for a single TV clip. When you're ordering clips often, those fees add up fast. With SnapStream, make as many TV clips as you'd like, then use them in a variety of ways. Clips can be added to a playlist, shared in the cloud or uploaded to social media. SnapStream can even auto-generate and share the clips for you. Plus, enjoy pristine video quality because SnapStream records directly from your local TV source.

TV clips in seconds

Clip start and end

After searching TV for a specific keyword or phrase, you did it: you found the segment you wanted. Use SnapStream's clipping tool to quickly grab a segment from live or recorded TV. Set the starting and ending boundaries. Drag the markers to get it just right. Press the scissors to clip, give it a title, and save it. A few seconds later, the shiny new clip will appear. Alternatively, you can create clips by selecting a text block from the transcript.

Review instantly

Clips folder

Unlike clipping services, which involve a waiting period from the time you order til the time you receive, SnapStream provides instant access to all TV clips and recordings. By default, all of your clips will save to the "My Clips" folder within the TV library. Need a clip that your co-worker made? The "All Clips" folder organizes all users' clips. They show up pretty fast, so you can immediately go to work with your edited content.

Share in the cloud + play anywhere

SnapStream cloud sharing

SnapStream's cloud sharing feature works like a charm. Share a clip, type in an email address, and it uploads to SnapStream's privately-hosted cloud as fast as your Internet connection will go.

The recipient receives a link to watch, which includes the option to download the file from the cloud instead of relying on email attachments. The shared TV content plays universally across all browsers, platforms, mobile devices, and tablets, delivering clips to remote people and locations.

Auto clip + share

Intelligent auto-clip and auto-share in the cloud

SnapStream's auto-clipping technology replaces the human process of watching TV and manually making a clip. You may be wondering, how does it know where to clip? It's smart, that's how! Based on the keywords you're tracking in TV Alerts, SnapStream detects changes in topic and then clips out relevant TV segments for you.

The clips are linked in your TV Alerts email. Simply click play, and with auto-sharing enabled, it plays from the cloud. Great for on-the-go and for remote access.

Share so many ways

Clips folder

In one seamless step, create a TV clip and share it in a variety of ways, such as to SnapStream's cloud, on YouTube or to a TV Playlist. It's kind of like having your own meme generator, too. Create an animated GIF out of any TV moment, download it and share it across the Web. There's also the option to ShowSqueeze your clip to H.264 or WMV.

Curious about sharing TV clips on Twitter and Facebook? Head on over to learn about social TV.


Search and filter clips

SnapStream has a search filter "is: clip" that lets you narrow the TV library by file type. Add in a keyword and you can always find the exact clip you need. Individually or in a batch, you can transcode TV clips for content repurposing. You can also segment out commercials with SmartChapters. To initiate these kinds of actions on a recurring basis, push specific TV clips through Workflows, which does it all automatically.

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