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SnapStream program guide and 24/7 TV Monitoring Software

SnapStream's TV recording engine automates it all

Nothing's more reliable than SnapStream's digital tv recording software. We insure your mission-critical recordings with SnapStream's server-class platform and fault-tolerant hardware. That's the muscle. The brains is SnapStream's Web interface, which manages every aspect of your busy recording schedule. Select a TV show from SnapStream's electronic program guide or create custom, recurring jobs from the Recording Manager.

Record TV like a home DVR

The electronic program guide is one way to schedule recordings with SnapStream, and it's probably the most familiar option for DVR users. When you click or right click any TV program on the guide, choose from one of the menu options, such as record this episode, record all episodes (season-pass style), or record everything on this channel.

SnapStream tv recording software options
example TV channels to record

Build a vast TV library

Connect your SnapStream to record all of the TV content available through your cable or satellite provider: local affiliates, national news networks, learning channels and entertainment shows. Add tuners and storage at any time to increase the number of tv channels you are monitoring and archival depth. Supported TV signals include cable, digital cable, satellite, over-the-air ATSC, QAM, DVB-T and PAL.

Simple electronic program guide

Why is it so easy to schedule a recording with SnapStream's TV recording software? Because the electronic program guide (EPG) is just like what you have at home! Grab it. Move it. It's all interactive. You can even watch live TV by clicking on any show. SnapStream's program guide data updates daily and provides two-weeks worth of future listings to supply the latest broadcast scheduling information. Plus, every bit of program guide data flows into your TV search results.

SnapStream program guide
SnapStream recording priorites feature

Smart priority recording

Rank the importance of your upcoming recording jobs, to ensure that your most critical jobs finish to completion as scheduled. In the event of a scheduling conflict or tuner failure, SnapStream's Recording Manager has you covered. For example, if any individual tuner goes offline, you'll receive an email notification and each tuner will automatically get reassigned to match your recording priorities.

Create 24/7 block recordings

When recording multiple programs simultaneously isn't enough, you may want to record a channel 24/7. SnapStream's TV recording software provides versatile scheduling options: manual, time-based guide and 24/7 recordings. With SnapStream's round-the-clock TV monitoring software, you can choose to split the day, and the video file itself, into blocks by duration. For example, the setting to the right will record CNN 24/7, dividing the content into one-hour blocks. Transitions from one digital program to another are seamless.

Block based recordings feature
SnapStream black out recording feature

Exclude blocks from 24/7 jobs

When you're recording 10 or more channels on a 24/7 basis, there are blocks of time that you simply don't need. For instance, set the TV recording software to record MSNBC all day, but exclude midnight to 5 a.m. Removal of these unneeded time frames maximizes archive depth in the long run.

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