ShowSqueeze TV content to
extend your archive depth

Stretch TV recording archive to from 3 to 9 months

ShowSqueeze and Workflows help you save time and space

ShowSqueeze, SnapStream's transcoding engine, quickly converts native MPEG-2 recordings to H.264 or WMV. Because these video codecs are compressed, you can store more TV without having to buy extra storage. To shorten the two-step process of record then transcode, ShowSqueeze Live lets you initiate transcodes in real-time, in sync with the broadcast. When the recording's done, it's ready to go in the output format. For that extra level of customization and control, set up Workflows to automate transcodes and other manual tasks.

Why convert to WMV or H.264?

SnapStream's ShowSqueeze feature can transcode to H.264 (also known as AVC), QuickTime (H.264 + AAC), WMV 7 and WMV 9 (Windows Media Video). These compressed formats are the gold standard when it comes to Internet streaming because they offer similar video quality at smaller sizes. In fact, H.264 delivers the same quality at half the bit-rate and size of MPEG-2. H.264 is king for the iPhone and iPad, and anything high defintion, such as Blu-ray discs. H.264 is universally playable in QuickTime, which is freely available for both Mac and Windows. WMV 9 naturally plays in Windows Media Player, which is also freely available for Windows or Mac.

Transcode TV to WMV and H.264

With Workflows, you make the rules

Workflows allow you to set up recurring actions for specific types of recordings. Workflows provide a high level of granularity and customization to help automate administrative and user-level tasks. For example:

  • Transcode everything from the channel NBC to H.264
  • Expire all NEWS programs after 90 days
  • Create low-res copies of all recordings
  • Move all TV clips to long-term storage after 60 days

Here's how it works:


Select a Trigger to kick off the task at-hand, based on: when a recording starts or finishes, when a clip is created, or by the number of days after the recording finishes. In the example to the right, we are going to kick off our workflow 30 days after the recording has finished.


Groups add a nice layer of permissions to your Workflows. Specfiy which User Groups are allowed to execute a particular Workflow. SnapStream's default groups are: Adminstrators, Basic Schedulers, Live TV Viewers, Pre-Recorded Viewers and Schedulers. But you can also set up custom work groups.


Filters narrow down the type of recording we're choosing to transcode later. In this case, we selected only recordings FROM CHANNEL CNN but excluding the SERIES Anderson Cooper 360. (Sorry, Anderson.) You can create multiple Workflows, as many as you'd like, to dictate how other types of recordings will be saved, formatted or copied.


Then, you apply the Actions. In this instance, we'll TRANSCODE two copies, one in H.264 and one in WMV, and save them to our NEWS folder. With folder permissions layered in, you can securely route recordings to specific users or groups. Move older recordings off to local or network-attached storage, or even online cloud storage using Amazon S3. Automatically share clips in the cloud. The possibilities are endless.

ShowSqueeze Live

ShowSqueeze Live recordings

Start your transcodes right away with ShowSqueeze Live. Select the trigger recording started and the desired output format to initiate real-time transcoding right when a broadcast begins. You can view the recording and transcode in-progress. When the program ends, your ShowSqueeze will be done, too. As long as you have enough bandwidth on your SnapStream or on your ShowSqueeze Node, the conversion process will continue in sync with the broadcast.

Compress files to archive more TV

With a 3TB SnapStream SD recording TV content 24/7 at fair quality, you could keep over 152 days* worth of TV. To deepen the archive even further, ShowSqueeze all of your recordings from MPEG-2 to H.264 or WMV. At fair quality for H.264, you could extend the shelf life of your archive beyond 532 days.

*A day equals 24 hours of recorded content.

Transcoding to a smaller video size like H.264


Video Quality


File Size*

2,240 MB




5 Mb/s
* File size based on a 1-hour recording

ShowSqueezed to H.264

Fair Better Best
246 MB 641 MB 1,140 MB
352x240 640x480 720x480
.4 Mb/s 1 Mb/s 2.5 Mb/s

ShowSqueezed to WMV

Fair Better Best
306 MB 757 MB 1,002 MB
352x240 480x360 640x480
.65 Mb/s 1.7 Mb/s 2.3 Mb/s

Workflows in Action

Police department keep media archive

Police Departments

Police departments are usually required to keep a media archive dating back at least three months, but any PIO would rather preserve content for as long as possible. Workflows can be configured to maintain a three-times-larger video stockpile, stored at lower resolutions.

Transcode TV to iPad and iPhone

iPads and iPhones

Transcode whichever recordings you'd like to H.264, which is the Apple-optimized streaming standard for mobile devices.

Maintain TV airchecks

TV broadcasters

TV stations generally maintain airchecks for one year, for billing purposes and accuracy monitoring. Recorded 24/7, this video can take up immense disk space. With Workflows, TV stations can transcode files to reduce their size and triple the average recording's shelf life in SnapStream.

ShowSqueeze node

ShowSqueeze Node

Do you have a high volume of post-processing tasks, like ShowSqueeze, clipping and sharing TV? SnapStream's newly designed ShowSqueeze Node is a powerful add-on that can be clustered and dedicated to running high CPU tasks. And lots of them. On SnapStream 6.3 and above, the newest hardware can achieve up to 10 real-time transcodes simultaneously in SD and up to 8 in HD.

By taking advantage of SnapStream's clustering technology, you can transcode any number of shows, from any recording schedule, to any number of formats. As a fully integrated transcoder, ShowSqueeze also preserves the native search meta data—something a third-party solution cannot do.

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