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Watch TV from your Mac or PC

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Watch live or recorded TV broadcasts, right from your Web browser. Jump to keywords in the transcript, make clips, share to social media and more.

SnapStream's Web Player Interface

Web Player interface
Web browsers

Play TV from a Web Browser

Watch TV from Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, on a Mac or PC.

Closed Captioning

Track Keyword Mentions

Search and play TV from the point of mention, based on the transcript.

Create and share TV clips

Create and Share TV Clips

Create unlimited, high-quality TV clips. Share clips to anyone, on any device.

Social TV integration

Share TV to Social Media

Share TV clips, images and GIFs to Twitter. Post TV clips and images to Facebook.

SmartChapter Commercial Detection

Commercial Detection

SmartChapters let you skip commercials in a TV show and search based on ads.

TV video tagging

Add Media Tags

Add media tags by time to a TV clip or recording to find a needle in a haystack.

Compress TV files

Run Actions on TV Recordings

Add TV to Playlists. Run ShowSqueeze, SmartChapters and Workflows.

Easy Install

Easy to Install

Our Web Player plug-in is easy to install and update, without help from IT staff.


commercial detection, ad verification

SmartChapters auto-detect commercial breaks, so you can easily skip between the program and the ads. It's the perfect tool for ad verification. Filter your search results to include or exclude commercials.

Example: Search for keyword "Swiffer" only within ads.

Native HTML5 Video Playback for H.264* NEW!

Watch TV faster and easier with our native HTML 5 player

If you are recording or ShowSqueezing to H.264 and using Mac OS X, playback is faster and easier with our new native HTML5 video player. This means no more installing or updating the SnapStream Web Player Plug-in and easier use of SnapStream throughout your organization.

(* Limited to Safari on Mac OS X for H.264 and H.264 TP recordings)

Make TV Playlists

SnapStream TV Playlists
  • Add TV recordings, clips and segments into a TV Playlist to view them all in sequence.
  • Run actions on Playlists like ShowSqueeze, SmartChapter, Workflows and share clips.
  • Merge the individual clips or segments within a Playlist to create a single file.

Play 4 TV Shows in Multi-View

SnapStream multi-viewer
  • Compare what’s airing at the exact same time, on up to 4 different networks.
  • Use Multi-View for competitive intel or to monitor your affiliate channels.
  • Create clips and share to social media from any of the 4 TV shows in view.

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