How it Works

1. Connect your TV signal

SnapStream supports recording from a variety of television inputs, including:

  • regular cable (illustrated above)  PDF
  • digital cable - includes DirecTV or DISH satellite (with set-top box)  PDF
  • clear QAM  PDF

A single SnapStream appliance can record up to 10 television channels at the same time and multiple nodes can be used to record more than 10 television channels.

2. Connect power and network

Plug SnapStream into power and connect it to your network.

3. Open up Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer from your Mac or PC

Once you're logged in from your Web browser, the Web Player plug-in will self-install from the first time you go to play any TV recording.

For iPads, launch the SnapStream app

First, ShowSqueeze your TV content to H.264 to make it iPad-friendly. Next. download SnapStream from the App Store and you can immediately start monitoring TV from your iPad. Features include search, play, clip and cloud share.

4. Use SnapStream!

See a full list of the SnapStream's features.