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In today's digital-media-driven world, students need to be stimulated with more than just a plain, textbook-based lesson plan. SnapStream's TV search and streaming technology helps teachers win back the intrigue of their pupils, delivering the exciting elements of TV and video to the classroom. Lesson plans can be spiced up with currently airing broadcast material, enabling teachers to reference timely examples: things like history-making political events, momentous world news, breakthrough scientific discoveries and pop culture phenomenons. TV programs that students will find both interesting and relatable can be streamed on demand in full-length or clipped format.

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Plymouth Public Schools brings educational TV content to the classrooms of Terryville Public High School (Terryville, CT). (Chapter 1 of 5)

Why choose between PBS, History, Channel, A&E, CNN and Discovery when you can capture them all? A single SnapStream can record up to 10 TV shows simultaneously and can store up to 40,800 hours of TV. (For larger campuses SnapStream can be scaled up beyond these limitations.) Best of all, it streams live or recorded television over the existing local-area network to make the content accessible school-wide, serving as the school's centralized media center.

With the abilities to schedule, search, and clip TV recordings easily from their desktop PCs or laptops, teachers neither need to struggle with shared AV setups nor rely on other people to make recordings for them. And unlike Safari Montage or Discovery Streaming, which require subscription fees, SnapStream allows teachers to record an unlimited amount of educational content.

SnapStream can also save educators hours of manual labor involved in recording, watching, and transcribing DVDs or old VHS tapes. All it takes is a quick keyword TV search to whiz across the digital archive and instantly find the desired subject. Next, teachers can clip the content, download it to their computers, burn it to DVD, or stream it directly to the classroom. Now that's a high-tech teacher!

Benefits of SnapStream in K-12 education:

  • Stream TV to classrooms using the school's existing infrastructure

    SnapStream supports in-class instruction, delivering recorded TV on demand and streaming live TV over the LAN to multiple classrooms. Our system eliminates the need for RF cable drops, DVRs, VCRs, and TVs in every classroom. The easy-to-use, familiar interface (think: home DVR) helps teachers schedule, search, and clip recorded video with little or no training.
  • Build a vast digital archive

    SnapStream lets faculty collaborate and build a unified electronic video library. Our client-server architecture allows them to avoid duplicating efforts and to replace unwieldy VHS and DVD collections with a streamlined, centralized repository of recordings and clips accessible to everyone, including students, via any desktop computer on the schools network.
  • Supplement lesson plans with relevant TV content

    Plan to talk about China in your new world history class? You're not the first teacher to do so—and with SnapStream, there's no need to start entirely from scratch. Search for the terms "China" and "history" to pull up all mentions of China in your colleagues' prior recordings. From there, you can stream an entire show, or you can clip out portions you'd like to use and burn them to DVD or download them to your PC.
  • Search TV with the speed and ease of searching the Web

    SnapStream's powerful TV search-engine technology allows you to search thousands of hours of television recordings within seconds. Using our closed-captioning search, teachers can find what has been broadcasted on a given topic without having to scour hours of television. Educators can also view and download transcripts of the shows to review content and language.
  • Get e-mail alerts

    Receive automatic e-mail alerts from SnapStream when mentions of your keyword(s) occur in new TV recordings.
  • Control user access

    Network administrators can control who accesses SnapStream and what features they have access to. The appliance integrates with Active Directory, allowing users to keep their existing credentials for authentication and letting administrators manage permissions based on user groups.

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“We've been able to increase both the availability of recorded programs and teachers' flexibility in making use of them.”

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