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Stay on top of local news and national TV coverage

SnapStream makes communications officers' work a snap: It pairs DVR and TV search-engine technology so that you can record and search thousands of hours of TV without ever leaving your desk. Forget expensive clipping services and cumbersome VHS libraries.

Government Webinar Spotlight

Miami Police Department PIOs track breaking news around the clock with SnapStream TV search technology. (Chapter 1 of 4)

You can access everything from your PC, through your office's existing local-area network. With simple configuration and minimal upkeep, SnapStream puts your finger directly on the pulse of news coverage.

A single SnapStream appliance can simultaneously record up to 10 TV shows and store up to 20,400 hours of recordings. Its powerful technology gives you the ability to quickly and easily search the entire archive by keyword, clip out content of interest, download or burn that video to DVD, and then email it to colleagues.

Benefits of SnapStream for government:

  • Media monitoring

    SnapStream's powerful TV search technology empowers communications officers to record news and other broadcasts, and then locate specific mentions at a moment's notice.
  • Email alerts

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    Monitoring TV with email alerts helps shorten the official response time to media coverage by notifying you when search terms (mayor's name, city hall, city council, etc.) appear in recordings of select broadcasts.
  • Clipping and cloud sharing NEW!

    SnapStream's robust news monitoring clipping tool makes hiring expensive clipping services completely unnecessary. Generate unlimited clips and share them in the cloud. Our YouTube integration makes it easy to upload clips straight from the news source to your online channels.
  • Portable file formats

    The SnapStream appliance records natively in MPEG-2 and has options for converting video into Windows Media and H.264, making it easy to distribute files on the Web.
  • Powerful search technology

    SnapStream lets you search closed-captioning of the broadcasts you're recording as breaking news happens, streamlining communications and allowing for better crisis management.
  • Digital archiving

    SnapStream allows you to build an entirely digital library to store and access recordings, replacing cumbersome VHS and DVD libraries.

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Customer Quotes

“Swapping tapes and locating the stories was very time consuming for our small staff. We would have to pull the original recording, fast forward to the mention, re-record onto another VHS tape and then send it off.”

– David Brown, Channel 13 Senior Producer for the City of Greensboro

“SnapStream was incredibly user friendly without opening a book or reading any instructions. A couple of words in the search engine and the results just pop up. I can go directly to it.”

– Napier Velazquez, public relations specialist for the City of Miami Police Department