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Dramatically reduce the amount of time your production staff devotes to manually scanning TV programs and free up their creative energy with SnapStream. Our powerful technology, which pairs a digital video recorder with a TV search-engine technology, lets producers store and search thousands of hours of video, making media monitoring more efficient. Producers can find all mentions of a particular name or topic in seconds and focus on choosing the best, most relevant footage from the results.

SnapStream also replaces banks of DVRs or VCRs with a single, centralized appliance that can be accessed from any PC on the companys local-area network. Staffers can collectively record 10 channels at the same time, store up to 20,400 hours of television, and access the vast archive from their Mac, PC or iPad. Older recordings can be offloaded to storage servers or burned to DVDs, eliminating the need for cumbersome VHS tape libraries.

Because multiple users can connect simultaneously, SnapStream facilitates collaboration and file-sharing. Its built-in clipping feature enables producers to repurpose unique, high-quality digital content and import it directly into digital editing bays, quickly and easily.

Benefits of SnapStream in TV and film production:

  • Review and improve your own content

    SnapStreams search engine can instantaneously find and track media mentions across all of the shows you've recorded. Just enter the desired keyword(s), and SnapStream scans the closed-captioning to help you pinpoint the desired footage. This powerful feature eliminates the need for real-time program scanning to find usable content, and allows you to quickly sift through hours of televised events, from red carpets to political speeches.
  • Automate your news monitoring process

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    Our TV Alerts feature lets you create as-it-happens email notifications. Enter key phrases (anything from Lindsay Lohan + rehab to Obama + health care) to track what celebrities and politicians are saying on TV and what is being said about them by the TV media.
  • Create high-quality video clips

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    SnapStream records video in high-resolution MPEG-2, which is suitable for direct editing or converting into other formats. Our clipping feature allows you to pull segments of high-quality video from within our viewer interface, and then transfer it directly into edit bays over your network.
  • Streamline your operation

    Consolidate those banks of DVRs and VCRs into one centralized location that serves many users at once! A single SnapStream appliance can store up to 34,000 hours of video, which multiple users can access from their desktop PCs via the companys local-area network. This eliminates any duplication of effort and facilitates collaboration.
  • Build a digital archive

    SnapStream allows you to create a vast electronic archive for storing and accessing digital recordings, replacing myriad VHS and DVD libraries. Older video can be burned to disc, downloaded to a hard drive, or offloaded to other network storage devices for continued access.
  • AirPlay, search, clip and share TV from your iPad

    Collaborate using SnapStream's iPad app during your writers and production meetings. Use AirPlay to display TV recordings and clips from your library in H.264. You can also run searches, create clips and share them in the cloud. Enjoy all of the features on the go, at your fingertips, with the mobility and convenience of the iPad.
  • View TV content in sequence with playlists NEW!

    Play multiple pieces of content, such as full-length recordings or TV clips, back to back with the aid of SnapStream's playlist feature. Playlists are great for presentations and meetings, in scenarios where you're playing multiple files in sequence. It includes all of your expected play controls, plus you can also skip to the next content track and re-arrange the playlist order.
  • Monitor TV Broadcasts in ASI NEW!

    Ingest and record digital content in the ASI encapsulated format, which is the common format in production and broadcast facilities. View the SnapStream ASI specs here.

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“We have a meeting on Tuesday and a meeting on Wednesday at 3 o'clock where everybody brings in clips from all the shows we watched. It used to be that we'd bring in VHS tapes, but now we have this big program called SnapStream that we TiVo everything to our computers.”

– Joel McHale, Host of E!'s The Soup