The Building Block


SnapStream comes in three primary flavors, with a myriad of possible blends and configurations. SnapStream SD and SnapStream HD make it possible to record from 4 to 10 channels simultaneously and to develop a TV archive larger than 40,800 hours with expandable storage. Scalability is supported with SnapStream's clustering technology. A swirl of SD and HD, the Small Business Edition provides coverage for up to 6 channels and 3,400 hours of fixed storage.

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Tools for Growth

SnapStream Cluster Nodes

SnapStream not only stands alone but also networks extremely well with others. Introducing SnapStream Cluster Nodes. Connectable TV search components that address your scalable needs for recording, storage, transcoding and HD-SDI playout. In modular combination, all of these parts create a SnapStream Cluster: a launch pad to infinite TV search possibilities.

SnapStream Storage Node

Archive years of TV content

Supersize your TV archive with the SnapStream Storage Node. When you're maxing out the 36TB of storage on a single SnapStream, you may be tempted to delete TV content to free up space. Moving that content offline removes the ability to search TV by keyword. Now you can compound your storage capacity to build a really deep archive, while retaining the coveted search factor, so you can pull up a clip from five years ago in five seconds. On the flip side, third-party storage can be integrated with per gig licensing fees.

SnapStream ShowSqueeze Node

Store 3X as many TV recordings
Save 3X as much space

The SnapStream ShowSqueeze Node optimizes file size and quickly converts MPEG-2 to H.264 or WMV with seamless integration to your SnapStream. ShowSqueeze natively performs your transcoding tasks, but for bulk batches on a time crunch, it makes sense to delegate the workload. As an integrated solution, it does what a third-party solution cannot, which is organically preserve the search meta data. You'll keep your TV library organized and spacious, with each TV recording occupying only a fraction of its original size.

SnapStream HD-SDI Playout Node

Play out digitally recorded TV

The SnapStream HD-SDI Playout Node is the ideal add-on for TV content repurposing and rebroadcasting. In real time, transfer TV content from the SnapStream TV Search platform and play it out digitally into professional editing suites like Avid and Final Cut Pro. A totally seamless experience. The SnapStream HD-SDI Node is compatible with both SnapStream HD and SD, offering a cost-effective and flexible approach to production.

Economized TV Monitoring for All

SnapStream Small Business Edition

Record SD and HD Television

The Small Business Edition is a complete TV monitoring solution, for half the price of the enterprise-class SnapStream. It records up to 6 channels simultaneously, stores up to 3,400 hours of TV content, includes 3 TB of fixed storage, and supports both SD and HD inputs. From a user perspective, the Small Business Edition delivers the core features of SnapStream's technology, like searching, clipping and sharing. (Several limitations apply due to economized hardware distinctions.)

More Formats, More Monitoring

SnapStream DVB-T, PAL, ASI + IPTV

Record from a variety of input sources

SnapStream is available for television monitoring outside of the United States where DVB-T and PAL are the standard broadcast formats. Another format SnapStream supports is ASI, which is commonly used in television production environments and broadast facilities. IP Streams can also be ingested, which eliminates the need to have physical tuners per channel.

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