SnapStream Storage Node

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SnapStream Storage Node

Build an extensive TV archive

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The SnapStream Storage Node supplements the SnapStream SD or HD with additional storage, from 3TB to 36TB, as a robust platform for building an extensive TV archive. It clusters seamlessly, so all recorded TV content remains actively searchable and usable within SnapStream's ecosystem. Third-party storage is a supported alternative, but per-gig licensing fees apply.

  • Storage
  • CPU
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Chassis
  • Power Supply
  • Optical Drive
  • Operating System
  • Server-class SAS storage backplane, 36TB (max) + 2 hot spares Calculate storage
  • Quad-core Xeon processor
  • 17.2? x 25.5? x 5.2?
  • 75 to 120 lbs
  • 3U Rackmount
  • 800W dual-redundant power supplies
  • 8X DVD-RW/DL
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
hot swap hard drives
air filter mesh
hot spare hard drives
redundant power supplies
dual gigabit ethernet ports
quick install rail clips

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