User & Administrator Training

SnapStream currently offers free live AND recorded web-based training classes. Live classes are offered on an approximately monthly schedule. Details on classes are listed below.

  1. Find your class
  2. Follow the registration link
  3. Register for your class!
  • In User Training (Beginner), we cover:
    • Navigating the SnapStream Interface
    • Watching recordings
    • Searching recordings
    • Using SnapStream TV Alerts
    • How to create a clip
    • How to email a clip
    • How to burn a DVD
  • In User Training (Advanced) we cover:
    • Creating and maintaining a recording schedule
    • Creating a "Saved Guide Search"
    • Using ShowSqueeze to Convert to H.264, Windows Media
    • Using the 'Advanced Search' in the web interface
    • Downloading the full transcript of a TV show
    • Syncing recordings to your iPod or iPhone
    • Using the Task Queue
    • Review of the user side of the web interface
  • Finally, in Administrator Training we cover:
    • Basic SnapStream Server configuration
    • Configuring Active Directory and Novell integration
    • Access control and user permissions
    • Managing storage (both external and internal)
    • Email and alert settings
    • Configuring ShowSqueeze
    • Configuring video quality
    • Other administrator topics...