Why Upgrade?

Get Faster, Stronger SnapStream

SnapStream Upgrade Reasons

Current Customers: Upgrade your SnapStream software (and in some cases, hardware) to experience these new features. For specific version updates:

Monitor TV from your Mac, PC or iPad

SnapStream Web Player
  • Watch live or recorded TV from your Mac, PC or iPad (via Web browser).
  • Monitor what's being said with SnapStream's interactive transcript.
  • Play up to 4 recordings simultaneously with the multi-viewer.
  • View content in sequence with TV playlists.
  • Add custom media tags to recordings and clips.

Share TV to Cloud + Social Media

SnapStream clip sharing to the cloud and YouTube SnapStream clip sharing to the cloud and YouTube
  • Clips shared in SnapStream's Cloud are viewable by anyone, from any computer or mobile device.
  • Let SnapStream auto-clip the topics you're tracking.
  • Clip directly from live TV NEW!
  • Clip, edit and play from the transcript NEW!
  • Share TV moments on Twitter and Facebook: NEW!
    • View live-tweets in sync with your TV show broadcast.
    • "Snap to a moment" in the TV show, based on a specific tweet.
    • Reply to tweets with TV clips, screenshots and GIFs.
    • Post TV clips and screenshots to your Facebook Page(s).
    • Upload a batch of TV clips to your YouTube Channel(s).

Monitor TV in the Cloud NEW!

SnapStream Cloud DVR: Monitor TV Markets from Anywhere
  • SnapStream Cloud is a new SnapStream without the up-front hardware cost.
  • It's easy to install and Internet accessible from anywhere.
  • Start recording 4 channels for $300 / month, with no contract. (Option to add more channels.)
  • Record TV from a mix of market areas, i.e. New York to LA, and manage it all in one spot.

Search Deep Inside TV

example TV channels to record
  • Added language intelligence delivers smarter, more relevant results.
  • Advanced searches are easy; no need to memorize filters.
  • Nest or expand search results by TV show.
  • Run Workflows, SmartChapters and ShowSqueeze from the search results.
  • Search within a TV show you're watching; toggle to the next mention.

Robust Recording

Recording priorities
  • Record TV 24/7 with seamless transitions between blocks; option to "black out" time segments.
  • Rearrange your recording priorities on the fly.
  • Easily resolve scheduling conflicts.
  • Record segments of the day or time-based blocks in the program guide.

Detect or Skip TV Ads

Commercial Detection
  • SmartChapter auto-detects where TV commercials occur, allowing you to skip between program and commercial segments.
  • Two ways to SmartChapter your recordings:
    • Select a batch or individual recording from the library.
    • Set up a Workflow for specific types of recordings.
  • SmartChapters generate up to 200% faster for HD and 40% faster for SD files.

Custom Workflows

  • Set up custom Workflows based on triggers, such as when a recording starts, a number of days after a recording finished, or when a clip is created.
  • Add filters, like category and channel, to narrow down the types of recordings.
  • Kick off actions like ShowSqueeze and SmartChapter.
  • Run a saved Workflow from:
    • TV Library
    • Search results
    • Web Player
    • TV Playlist
  • Set permissions for user groups to run certain Workflows.

Do Everything Faster

SnapStream program guide
  • TV Search is up to 4X faster.
  • ShowSqueeze Node handles 8 (HD) to 10 (SD) jobs simultaneously.
  • Program guide updates are up to 80% faster.
  • Daily updates occur more frequently and consistently.
  • Faster page loads and queries.
  • Play back recordings 5X faster NEW!
  • TV Alerts run up to 5X faster, for real-time awareness NEW!

Really, Really Reliable

  • Improved database backend: SQL Server Express instead of INI and XML files.
  • Record TV and execute tasks with greater fault tolerance.
  • More intelligent error handling and notifications.
  • Service architecture designed from the ground up to be more robust.
  • Enhancements to back-end file streaming improves recording reliability in large clusters.
  • Improved reliability of recordings in a cluster configuration.
Why upgrade

Stronger to the Core

  • Web interface runs on Microsoft IIS Express; simpler, more nimble and more intuitive.
  • Logging interface is faster and fully equipped to handle clustered systems.
  • “Prediction-based” file distribution makes more efficient use of disk space
  • Folder security / user permissions for the TV Library.
  • Encrypted communication between all clients and SnapStream for improved security.
  • Improved task resource allocation and prioritization.
  • New inputs for ASI and expanded support for IPTV NEW!

SnapStream Version 6 Upgrade FAQ

It depends on several factors:

  • You must be within a current and fully-paid service contract.
  • Your SnapStream appliance must meet the hardware qualifications—SnapStreams on a first generation platform will not qualify up front, but hardware upgrades can be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Contact us by phone at 1-877-696-3674 or at support@snapstream.com to verify your eligibility.

Best reasons for you to upgrade now:

  • You want to simplify the task of managing multiple SnapStreams by combining them into a single SnapStream Cluster
  • You heavily use the Web interface, and need to be able to play back search results and create clips from the Web Browser
  • You would like to set up Workflows for ShowSqueeze, SmartChapter and more
  • You would benefit from sharing TV clips in the cloud, auto-clip and auto-share
  • You need a multi-view environment
  • You want to detect commercial breaks and verify ads with SmartChapters
  • You want to take advantage of SnapStream's API
  • There's a bug fix in version 6.5 that solves a problem you've been encountering. Reference the full release notes
  • Contact us by phone at 1-877-696-3674 or at support@snapstream.com to verify your eligibility

  • If you're running 4.x, the upgrade to the latest version of the software will be a hands-on process with our support team. After prep, the entire upgrade procedure can involve up to a day of downtime. Additional SnapStream equipment may be recommended or even required.
  • If you're on 5.x, the upgrade process is relatively easy. Contact our support team for upgrade instructions.