Why should I upgrade?

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SnapStream for Mac, PC and iPad

  • Play SD or HD TV recordings from any popular Web browser
  • Supports Mac OS X 10.6.3 and above; Windows XP and above
  • Smart plug-in self deploys; can usually be updated without IT
  • Monitor TV with the auto-scrolling, interactive transcript
  • Click on a keyword in the transcript to jump ahead
  • Search, play, clip and share TV from your iPad
  • Watch up to 4 recordings simultaneously with the multi-viewer
  • Watch in-progress recordings and live TV
  • Capture video screenshots in native resolution
  • Play multiple pieces of content in sequence, with TV playlists
  • Add custom tags to media items as search meta data NEW!
SnapStream Web Player

Share Clips in the Cloud

  • Share TV clips in the cloud with anyone, anywhere
  • Universally play TV clips from any computer, mobile device or tablet with a connection to the Internet
  • Recipient receives an email link to view the video file
  • New cloud options: download the file or view the transcript
  • Share a clip at the point of creation, from the Web Player or using Workflows NEW!
  • No email attachments are involved, which effectively circumvents file size limits and spam filters
  • Unshare a clip at anytime; view stats on number of clip views from the interface or download a CSV
  • Upload clips directly to YouTube and add clips to playlists NEW!
  • Select a text block from the transcript to make a clip NEW!
  • Make and save edits to the transcript text NEW!
SnapStream clip sharing to the cloud and YouTube SnapStream clip sharing to the cloud and YouTube

Enhanced TV Search and TV Library

  • TV search employs advanced language intelligence and contextual factors to deliver and suggest high quality, relevant results
  • Sort TV library content by date and channel
  • Preview program guide results above organic TV mentions
  • Toggle between recordings and guide results
  • Easy text fields simplify advanced search syntax
  • Create saved filters to refine your TV search results
  • Nest or expand search results by TV show
  • Notifications pop up with progress on processing tasks
  • Run Workflows, SmartChapters and ShowSqueeze from the search results, the Web Player and your Playlists NEW!
  • Edit the transcript to fix typos or closed captioning errors NEW!

Recording Improvements

  • Record segments of the day in reference to the program guide
  • Record TV 24/7 with seamless recording block transitions
  • IR blast sub-channels when using ATSC/QAM converter boxes
  • Black out specific chunks of time from your 24/7 recording jobs
  • Drag and drop to set recording priorities on the fly
  • Distinguish partial recordings from full-length, so you can tell if a job did not complete
  • Easily resolve scheduling conflicts in the Recording Manager using priorities
Recording priorities

SmartChapter Commercial Detection

  • SmartChapter auto-detects where TV commercials occur
  • Web Player timeline now displays color-coded segments
  • Skip between programming and commercial SmartChapters
  • Two ways to SmartChapter your recordings:
    • Select a batch or individual recording from the library
    • Set up a workflow for specific types of recordings
  • SmartChapter generation is now up to 200% faster for HD files and 40% faster for SD files

Set Up Workflows

  • Initiate Workflows based on triggers, such as when a recording starts, days after a recording finished, or when a clip is created
  • Using filters, like category and channel, to selectively perform actions such as ShowSqueeze and SmartChapter
  • ShowSqueeze Live allows you to transcode recordings as they hit the air and also view the video while it's converting
  • Run Workflows from the Library ,the Web Player or a Playlist NEW!
  • Set permissions for different user groups to run Workflows NEW!
  • Automatically share clips and transcripts NEW!
  • Export to Amazon S3 (online cloud storage) NEW!

Speed Enhancements

  • Search TV from the Web interface up to 4X faster
  • Transcode to H.264 over 50% faster
  • Program guide updates are up to 80% faster
  • Daily updates occur more frequently and consistently
  • Lighter, faster and more efficient queries for high traffic
  • Edit custom lineups from the Web interface
  • Intelligent updater removes duplicates from multiple TV sources
  • Faster page loads in the Web interface
SnapStream program guide

Build a SnapStream Cluster

  • Record and search more TV by adding SD/HD tuners
  • Expand your archive with SnapStream Storage Nodes
  • Save disk space by mass-ShowSqueezing recordings to WMV or H.264
  • Transfer TV content into editing suites seamlessly with the HD-SDI Playout node
  • Networking enhancements for large clusters
SnapStream Clustering

SnapStream API

  • Programmatically interface with SnapStream software
  • Implement custom solutions quickly and easily
  • Pass and receive data between SnapStream and external apps
  • Do things like: manage and create tasks; search and create notifications; automate custom workflows
  • Uses JSON Web Services

Reliability Enhancements

  • Improved database backend: SQL Server Express instead of INI and XML files
  • Record TV and execute tasks with greater fault tolerance
  • Recordings and post-processing tasks are dispatched across nodes with more intelligent error handling
  • Service architecture designed from the ground up to be more robust, e.g. you will receive a notification e-mail if any individual tuner goes offline and each tuner will automatically be reallocated to match your recording priorities
  • Enhancements to back-end file streaming improves recording reliability in large clusters
  • Improved reliability of recordings in a cluster configuration
  • Improvements from 4.9.3 to 6.2:
SnapStream 4.9.3
(old hardware)
SnapStream 5.x
(old hardware)
SnapStream 6.x
(new hardware)
Windows XP
Windows XP
Windows Server 2008
Web Server
IIS Express
Data Store
XML and INI files
SQL Server Express
SQL Server Express

Core Improvements

  • New web interface runs on Microsoft IIS Express and is simpler, more nimble, and more intuitive
  • Logging interface is faster and fully equipped to handle clustered systems
  • Improved logging enables you to easily search your logs to isolate user activity and resolve problems
  • “Prediction-based" file distribution makes more efficient use of disk space by using the upcoming recording schedule to put files in the best possible place
  • Oldest content expires first, casting across all hard drives (in a cluster)
  • Folder security in the Web interface: grant specific user groups permission to view and access particular video folders in the library
  • Encrypted communication between all clients and SnapStream for improved security
  • Improved task resource allocation and prioritization

SnapStream Version 6 Upgrade FAQ

Am I eligible for this upgrade?

It depends on several factors:

  • You must be within a current and fully-paid service contract.
  • Your SnapStream appliance must meet the hardware qualifications—SnapStreams on a first generation platform will not qualify up front, but hardware upgrades can be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Contact us by phone at 1-877-696-3674 or at support@snapstream.com to verify your eligibility.

Why should I upgrade?

Best reasons for you to upgrade now:

  • You want to simplify the task of managing multiple SnapStreams by combining them into a single SnapStream Cluster
  • You heavily use the Web interface, and need to be able to play back search results and create clips from the Web Browser
  • You would like to set up Workflows for ShowSqueeze, SmartChapter and more
  • You would benefit from sharing TV clips in the cloud
  • You need a multi-view environment
  • You want to burn DVDs from the Web interface
  • You want to detect commercial breaks and verify ads with SmartChapters
  • You want to take advantage of SnapStream's API
  • There’s a bug fix in version 6.2 that solves a problem you’ve been encountering. Reference the full release notes
  • Contact us by phone at 1-877-696-3674 or at support@snapstream.com to verify your eligibility

How do I upgrade?

  • If you’re running 4.x, the upgrade to the latest version of the software will be a hands-on process with our support team. After prep, the entire upgrade procedure can involve up to a day of downtime. Additional SnapStream equipment may be recommended or even required.
  • If you’re on 5.x, the upgrade process is relatively easy. Contact our support team for upgrade instructions.