Clipping TV Made Easy

Create accurate TV clips, quickly and easily. Download TV clips into your Avid or Final Cut Pro video editor. Email TV clips.

Grab and Go Clips

Clip start and end

Use SnapStream’s clipping tool to quickly grab a segment from live or recorded TV. Set your start- and end-points. Press the scissors to clip, give it a title and save it. You can also create clips by selecting a text block from the transcript. Clipping from MP4 is now frame accurate. NEW

TV Clips in Seconds

Clips folder

During a live TV broadcast, it’s essential to have fast turnaround time on TV clips. SnapStream produces your clip in seconds, so you can instantly review the segment and go to work with your content.

Share Clips with Everyone

SnapStream cloud sharing

When you share a clip, it actually uploads to SnapStream’s Cloud—kind of like uploading a video to YouTube. Anyone you email can watch or download the clip, from any device, from anywhere.

Auto-Clip and Share

Intelligent auto-clip and auto-share in the cloud

Let SnapStream create and share clips for you. SnapStream detects changes in topic—based on your TV Alerts keywords—to clip out relevant TV segments. Auto-clips are generated with your TV Alerts email. Watch from anywhere with auto-sharing enabled.

Add Tags to Clips

Tagging clips

Tags are a way to label TV clips with non-verbal cues or your own shorthand. Tag entire clips or specific timecodes. Tags get rolled into TV search, just like closed captioning and program guide info, so you can find a needle in a haystack.

Collaborate with Clips

Collaborate wit clips

Share and collaborate on your TV clips in so many ways. Email a clip, upload it to YouTube, add it to a Playlist or create an animated GIF. ShowSqueeze the clip to H.264, WMV or XDCAM. Share clips directly on Twitter and Facebook. Clip directly to audio file (MP3 or WAV) NEW!

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