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Post to YouTube

Quickly share TV clips and recordings to YouTube with the click of a button on the SnapStream web player. Access posted, queued, and scheduled YouTube videos from the social media dashboard, just like Twitter & Facebook.
Social TV engagement on Facebook

Social TV Dashboard

Social TV Dashboard
  • Easily manage all your YouTube posts in one place, with SnapStream’s new Social TV Dashboard.

Approve YouTube Posts

Approve Tweets and Facebook Posts
  • Use approval workflows to "queue" and review outgoing YouTube uploads.
  • Team leaders can review the the clip, edit the text, and upload live.

Control Permissions

Set permissions for social
  • Make an approval process for your social team with user permissions.
  • Set user permissions for who can post to Facebook, Twitter & YouTube - and in what capacity.
  • Example: Create a group for Interns and queue all their outgoing content for approval.
  • Admins can manage social content in the dashboard, ignoring any user-specific privacy limitations NEW!

Post Performance

  • Track all published YouTube uploads with engagement stats.
  • Sort by the most Likes, Comments and Views.

Social TV Cheat Sheet

Social TV Cheat Sheet

Learn the 'Secret Weapon' of The Daily Show

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