TV Monitoring with SnapStream

TV Monitoring for Government

PIOs monitor TV with SnapStream to stay on top of local news and national TV coverage.

  • Search TV recordings by keyword.
  • Get TV alerts via email.
  • Easily share TV clips through the cloud.
  • Record & monitor multiple channels; build a scalable archive.
  • Post TV clips of breaking news on Twitter & Facebook.
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Read how Miami PD's TV monitoring went from hours to minutes.

SnapStream Features

Search TV by Keyword

Instantly pull up search results when a crisis arises that impacts your organization.

TV Alerts (Emailed)

Receive real-time email notifications, allowing you to keep a vigilant watch on the news media.

Share TV Clips

Easily share TV clips with anyone inside or outside of your organization with cloud sharing.

Record TV

Schedule recordings of all your local and national news channels. Plus, you can connect to your closed-circuit municipal channel for complete internal awareness.

TV to Twitter & Facebook

Post TV clips of breaking news to inform your followers on Twitter and Facebook.


Get alerted instantly for TV mentions of your organizaion, so you never miss a moment.