TV Search and Monitoring Solutions

City, State and Federal Government

SnapStream makes communications officers' work a snap: it pairs DVR and TV search-engine technology so they can record and search thousands of hours of TV. It's media monitoring to the max at desktop reach, so those expensive clipping services are no longer needed.

Colleges and Universities

At universities where journalism and communications thrive, media researchers are saving thousands of hours of manual labor—the time they currently spend recording, watching, and coding video—simply by switching to digital technology. The ability to search inside television streamlines the process of content analysis from start to finish.

Education K-12

It's every K-12 teacher's dream: the ability to show an educational video clip, or entire program, on demand to illustrate a point that further engages students in the subject at hand. Acting as your school's centralized multimedia center, SnapStream realizes this educator fantasy in lesson planning.

Television and Film Production

It's no wonder that production staffers enjoy working with SnapStream, considering that its TV search capabilities dramatically cut time off the tedious process of scanning TV programs manually. To find inspiring TV material, writers can freely explore thousands of hours of TV in a shared archive and create clips for post-production.

TV Broadcasting

Any TV station housing a SnapStream appliance will inherit a cutting edge on competitive intelligence, ad verification, TV airchecks and round-the-clock news monitoring. A cross between a DVR and a search engine, SnapStream allows broadcast TV staff to search through archives of TV, and in turn, accurately monitor everything on air.

Media Monitoring/PR

Crisis averted: The SnapStream appliance is built with TV search to provide a fully independent and in-house solution for TV monitoring. PR firms can select multiple channels to record; search inside that TV content for client- or industry-specific mentions; and create high-quality clips at the drop of a hat. It's good riddance to those clipping services.

Radio Production

On the radio, SnapStream is heard but not seen. Bringing sound bites of TV to radio, the TV search appliace provides high-quality recordings that can be routed directly into mixing boards. Since recordings are stored onsite, SnapStream can supplement or replace exisitng prep services; it's also useful for scouting advertisers on local TV.