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Save your researchers thousands of hours of manual labor—the time they currently spend recording, watching, and coding video for TV content analysis—simply by embracing digital technology. The powerful SnapStream appliance combines a DVR with TV search-engine technology to help your students and faculty record, search, and archive thousands of hours of television.

SnapStream's technology revolutionizes how academic research is done, enabling colleges and universities of all sizes to conduct the in-depth, comprehensive broadcast research that, in the past, only large institutions with abounding resources could do. With simple configuration and minimal upkeep, SnapStream enables universities to save the commodities of time, money, and brainpower, helping research teams to stay competitive.

One SnapStream appliance can record up to 10 TV broadcasts simultaneously and store up to 40,800 hours of TV content for analysis in the classroom or as a project. Professors can search recordings by keyword or topic, make focused TV clips, and then proceed to download that content, share it in the cloud, or stream it directly to the classroom.

Benefits of SnapStream for colleges and universities:

  • Improves TV content analysis

    SnapStream's powerful TV search-engine technology allows users to research thousands of hours of recorded TV within seconds. Researchers can play and compare four TV broadcasts simultaneously, side by side, Additionally, they can view and download the full-text transcripts of shows they are researching, for annotation or comparison.
  • Streams TV directly to lecture halls

    SnapStream helps with in-class instruction by serving multiple users, classrooms, and lecture halls with on-demand recordings and live TV streaming over the school's LAN. This eliminates the need for cable drops and DVRs in every classroom. Users can schedule, search, clip and compare recordings using our client software with little or no training.
  • Creates a digital archive

    SnapStream allows for the creation of a TV library to digitally store and access recordings, replacing VHS and DVD libraries. Our client-server architecture allows schools to have one centralized library of recordings and clips, making the TV content ready for analysis and easily accessible to both faculty and students.
  • Sends email alerts

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    Receive automatic email alerts from SnapStream when mentions of your keyword(s) occur in TV recordings.
  • Enhances curriculum with TV clips

    With SnapStream, professors have the ability to clip out recent or archived newscasts and incorporate them into their lectures. TV clips can be shared with students in the cloud, allowing them to complete assignments that revolve around particular broadcast segments.
  • Provides tiered access

    Administrators can control who accesses the appliance and what features they have access to. The server integrates with Active Directory, allowing users to keep their existing credentials for authentication and letting administrators manage permissions based on user groups.

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