Take control of media monitoring with TV search

Measure your PR success without a media clipping service

A cross between a DVR and a TV search engine, SnapStream allows you to record and then search inside thousands of hours of TV recordings. And unlike traditional news and media clipping services, you can create as many high-quality clips and DVDs as you'd like, without any incremental costs. A Media Clipping Service does not send alerts

One SnapStream appliance can simultaneously record up to 10 TV shows and store up to 40,800 hours of recordings. It gives you the ability to search within recordings and pinpoint TV content of interest to you and your organization, then clip that content, share it in the cloud, download it, or burn it to DVD, quickly and easily. With simple configuration and minimal upkeep, it enables you to put your finger on the pulse of TV right from your PC, Mac or iPad.

Benefits of SnapStream in public relations:

  • Automated media monitoring NEW!

    Use SnapStream TV Alerts to track client exposure without labor-intensive visual monitoring. Each time your search terms are mentioned in a recording, you'll receive an email containing transcript excerpts and automatically created clips, which can be viewed from anywhere with cloud sharing.
  • No clipping service or DVD fees

    Search within recordings and create unlimited high-quality clips and DVDs in-house, eliminating the expense and inconvenience of media clipping services.
  • Ad verification

    Guarantee ad exposure by providing clients with a clipped recording of their broadcasted ad.
  • Competitive intelligence

    Track and take advantage of high-profile public relations opportunities to maximize your client's exposure.
  • Distribute TV without cable drops

    The SnapStream appliance provides access to recordings from a user's desktop, eliminating the need for individual cable drops and DVR stations.

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Customer Quotes

“Being able to watch TV closely and frequently helps tailor our pitches to specific media outlets and increases our success rate.”

– Chris Livingston at Kaplow

“The addition of searching via closed-captioning has allowed me to extend use of the system to my marketing and PR departments, which has reduced our costs by eliminating the newspaper and video clipping services we had to subscribe to in the past. It's TiVo for the professional environment.”

– Josh Hadden, Director of Engineering and IT at ClearChannel Radio: NYC and Long Island