Incorporate TV audio clips into your radio program

Seamlessly capture and search TV to cut down prep time

SnapStream replaces banks of DVRs or VCRs with a single centralized appliance that provides access to up to 10 channels at once; it eliminates the need for clipping services by storing recordings onsite. The appliance provides searchable, high-quality recordings that can be routed directly into your mixing boards. Use SnapStream to supplement or replace existing prep services, or monitor local TV in order to target new possible advertisers for your broadcasts.

A cross between a DVR and a search engine, SnapStream's appliance allows you to record and search thousands of hours of TV recordings. With simple configuration and minimal upkeep, it enables you to put your finger on the pulse of TV right from your desktop PC.

One SnapStream appliance can simultaneously record up to 10 TV shows and stores up to 40,800 hours of recordings. It gives you the ability to search within recordings and pinpoint TV content of interest to you and your organization. Then, simply clip the content, upload into the audio editor console, and incorporate into the broadcast.

Benefits of SnapStream for radio:

  • Show prep enhancement

    SnapStream acts as a premium show prep service to infuse original news and pop culture segments into your radio broadcast. Search your recorded shows and conveniently clip out the TV mentions you want to play on-air. As the TV clips play on your PC, they travel seamlessly from your SnapStream web interface through to your soundboard, which then broadcasts the audio live. The unique audio samples created in SnapStream will deliver unparalleled entertainment value to your listeners and keep them coming back for more.
  • Streamline content management

    SnapStream's efficient search technology makes it simple and fast to search and skim through recordings in order to keep abreast on news, pop culture, and politics. A single centralized appliance can replace a bank of VCRs or DVRs. Digital content management replaces clipping services by enabling local archiving.
  • Automate your news monitoring process NEW!

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    With SnapStream's TV Alerts, you'll receive email digests summarizing when your keywords air on TV. To help you gather sound bites and get them to air quickly, it includes transcript excerpts and auto-generated clips made with intelligent topic awareness, all auto-shared in the cloud.
  • Gain advertising insight

    Monitor local TV advertisers in order to target new possible advertisers for your broadcasts.

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Customer Quotes

“We couldn't peel Kidd [Kraddick] away from the SnapStream booth. He was fascinated by this thing that could digitally record a bunch of TV on one system and then make those recordings searchable.”

– Rob Chickering, VP of Engineering at Yea! Network