Repurpose TV content for broadcast and social media

Gather high-quality TV clips

Dramatically reduce the amount of time your production staff devotes to manually scanning TV programs. SnapStream's TV search engine instantaneously finds media mentions across all of your recorded content. Just enter the desired keyword(s) and SnapStream scans the closed-captioning to pinpoint the desired footage. The clipping tool allows your production staff to pull segments of high-quality video.

Automate news monitoring

With SnapStream's TV Alerts, you'll receive as-it-happens email notifications summarizing where your tracked keywords appear on TV, along with auto-generated clips. Enable auto-sharing and SnapStream pushes your clips to the cloud so it's easier to monitor TV on the go and for non-users to access.

Engage viewers on social media NEW!

Snapstream's social TV integration provides a fast, seamless workflow for sharing real-time content on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in order to amplify engagement, drive tune-in and boost Nielsen ratings.

Store TV in a centralized archive

A single SnapStream appliance can store up to 40,800 hours of video, which multiple users can access from their desktop PCs via the companys local-area network. Older content can be downloaded to a hard drive or offloaded to other network-attached storage devices (or cloud storage).

Collaborate in writers' meetings

Collaborate using SnapStream's iPad app during your writers and production meetings. Use AirPlay to display TV recordings and clips from your library in H.264. You can also run searches, create clips and share them in the cloud. Play multiple pieces of content, such as full-length recordings, TV clips or segments, back to back with the aid of SnapStream's playlist feature (available in the Web interface).

Monitor TV Broadcasts in ASI

Ingest and record digital content in the ASI encapsulated format, which is the common format in production and broadcast facilities. View the SnapStream ASI specs here.

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Television and Film Customers

  • E! Entertainment
  • The Daily Show
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Customer Quotes

“There's not a day that goes by that we don't use it... It's cut our production time down by about 60 or 70 percent.”

– Pat King, Senior Producer of The Daily Show

“We have a meeting on Tuesday and a meeting on Wednesday at 3 o'clock where everybody brings in clips from all the shows we watched. It used to be that we'd bring in VHS tapes, but now we have this big program called SnapStream that we TiVo everything to our computers.”

– Joel McHale, Host of E!'s The Soup