Instant TV airchecks and competitive analysis

Explore the interface that creates clips and a digital video archive

A cross between a DVR and a TV search engine, SnapStream allows you to record and search thousands of hours of TV recordings. With simple configuration and minimal upkeep, it enables you to put your finger on the pulse of TV right from your desktop PC.

One SnapStream appliance can simultaneously record up to 10 TV shows and stores up to 40,800 hours of recordings. It gives you the ability to search within recordings and pinpoint TV content of interest (for example, track the phrase "breaking news" on your competitors' TV stations). Then, clip that content and share it in the cloud quickly and easily.

SnapStream is a commanding tool that gives any TV Station the edge.

Benefits of SnapStream in TV broadcasting:

  • Automated clip delivery NEW!

    All of your station's users can create and share their own clips, eliminating the need for clip requests. When you turn on auto-clip, SnapStream intelligently finds and clips out relevant TV segments based on the topics and keywords you specify. And with auto-share enabled, clips are viewable in the cloud for easy TV monitoring on-the-go.
  • TV airchecks

    The capability to record any channel 24x7 and stores up to 40,800 hours of TV gives you the ability to accurately monitor everything that was aired.
  • Ad delivery verification

    Generate more follow-up ad buys by providing advertisers with a clipped recording of their broadcasted ad.
  • TV Alerts

    Create an as-it-happens email alert (view screenshot) with key phrases such as “breaking news” to keep up-to-date with the day's headline stories.
  • News monitoring

    The powerful TV search technology allows you conduct television searches of news-making topics such as “Mayor” and “City Hall” or any other subjects of interest.
  • Competitive intelligence

    Watch up to four recordings at once and track what competing local news programs are broadcasting.
  • Monitor TV Broadcasts in ASI

    Record digital content in the ASI encapsulated format, which is the industry-standard format found in production and broadcast facilities. View the SnapStream ASI specs here.

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Customer quotes

“During sweeps season, I personally review broadcasts recorded by SnapStream, extract promotions from other local TV stations, and put them on a shared network drive for KHOU staff to review.”

– Peter Diaz, BELO owned KHOU
General Manager