With Beyond TV's optional DVD Burning & H.264 Plug-in, not only can you easily burn DVDs of your favorite TV shows recorded with Beyond TV, but now you can convert your Beyond TV recordings into H.264 format, and sync them to your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.

Only $29.00

H.264 in Beyond TV

Automatically sync recordings to iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. Beyond TV is easily configurable to automatically sync content to your portable Apple devices. Carry the whole season of "Heroes" on your iPod, or watch last night's episode of "The Office" on your iPhone! * (iPhone/iPod 2.0 Firmware Known Issue)

How the sync happens. Syncing your recordings to iPod, iPhone or Apple TV is done by subscribing to Beyond TV's RSS feed (aka podcast) in iTunes. After subscribing to the podcast in iTunes, syncing to your device is automatic. Simply connect your device to the PC or Mac running iTunes, and fresh content will automatically be delivered.

For a step-by-step how-to for getting content from Beyond TV to a portable device, check out the iTunes sync blog article.

Sync to iPod, iPhone or Apple TV

Convert Recordings to H.264. Save space on your PC's hard drive by using Beyond TV's ShowSqueeze™ feature to convert your native MPEG-2 Beyond TV recordings into H.264 format. H.264 videos are smaller in file size when compared to standard MPEG-2 video files.

Choose or create your own H.264 profile. When converting to H.264, you are able to choose a predefined iPod, iPhone or Apple TV profile which will prepare your recordings for syncing to those devices. Or you can create your own profile, with a bitrate of your choice.

Convert Recordings to H.264


DVD Burning in Beyond TV


It's easy and integrated. Beyond TV's DVD Burning & H.264 Plug-in is integrated right into the Beyond TV viewscape. Just choose the show or shows you want to burn to DVD, select "Burn DVD" and the DVD Burning & H.264 Plug-in takes care of the rest.

Fit it with DiscSqueeze™. And if you try to burn more video to DVD than will fit, our DiscSqueeze™ technology will take care of fitting all your shows onto the DVD—automatically!

Watch in the living room. Easily copy TV shows recorded on your PC with Beyond TV to DVD for viewing in the living room.

Simple and easy

Burn video or data DVDs. The DVD Burning & H.264 Plug-in lets you choose between burning a video DVD or a data DVD. Burning a video DVD allows you to play back recorded shows in your home DVD player. Creating a data DVD is a good way to back up your recorded shows.

All popular formats supported. The robust DVD Burning engine supports everything from DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW to DVD-RAM. It even includes native support for dual layer DVDs.

Dolby Digital Audio. All audio is burned to DVD using high-quality 2-channel Dolby Digital.

Burn Video or Data DVDs

Build your personal DVD library. Create your own personal DVD library of TV shows and enjoy them for years to come.

Skip commercials. And all your SmartSkip™ chapters are burned to DVD so you can skip between chapters like you can in Beyond TV.

Take your shows on the road. By plane, train or automobile, take your TV shows with you on DVD.

Share shows with friends. Did your friend miss last week's episode of Lost? No problem, burn her a DVD.

DVDs are cheap and last long. DVDs are, per gigabyte, up to six times less expensive than hard drive storage* and they reduce the chance of someone accidently erasing your favorite episode of Heroes.

Build a DVD library

Only $29.00
(This plug-in is only for Beyond TV 4 users
that purchased the software before 11/21/08)


DVD Burning & H.264 Plug-in FAQ

Demonstration Videos

DVD Burning Video Demo (hosted on blip.tv)

Screenshot Tours

iTunes Sync Screenshot Tour (hosted on flickr.com)

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iTunes, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

* With the 2.0 firmware update for iPod and iPhone an issue has been identified that causes audio/video sync problems on playback. We are actively working to resolve this issue.