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The Spotlight is on Your Entertainment PC!

Both Beyond Media and Beyond Media Basic allow you to play music, watch movies and view photos stored on your computer in the comfort of your living room. Stream thousands of newsfeeds, movies and music using SnapStream Spotlight.

This new feature provides one click access to online content provider experiences. Access SnapStream Spotlight with the Firefly PC Remote to control and navigate these services from across the room.

Learn more about online services offered by:


Napster allows users to discover and share music legally and safely. With the large icons and menu options it is easy to search for favorite songs, preview videos, create playlists and buy songs.

Internet Radio

Live365 is one of the largest internet radio services on the planet. Live365 offers music in many genres and thousands of radio stations. With VIP access you listen to few commercials and never have to wait for a station. Learn more about using Live365 with Firefly >>


CinemaNow lets you watch full-screen, DVD-quality movies whenever you want. Forget late fees, inconvenient start times or waiting for DVDs in the mail. CinemaNow is a safe, legal and simple way to watch your favorite movies on-demand on your computer, laptop or TV. Access CinemaNow through Spotlight and see how easy watching a streamed movie can be. Learn more about watching movies with CinemaNow and Firefly >>


Get the news you want when you want it from NewsGator. Receive daily updates from thousand of news feeds and blogs that you subscribe to through NewsGator. Use the Firefly PC Remote to scroll through headlines, select articles or view rich media. Learn more about accessing news through NewsGator with Firefly >>







Get the Firefly PC Remote with Spotlight and never leave the couch...

Spotlight doesn’t fetch popcorn from the kitchen, but it will allow you to enjoy all the media available on your PC from music and movies to TV and news. Buy the Firefly PC Remote and get the Entertainment PC experience you’ve wanted for only $49.99.