Big ideas come in small packages

With the Firefly Mini, you can access all of your favorite shows and other media files without ever touching the keyboard. And now, you can use Firefly Mini to navigate the Hulu desktop application, and bring on-the-couch comfort to free online TV!

Firefly Mini delivers:

  • An infrared (IR) based remote control with a USB receiver means that with Firefly Mini, you can control Beyond TV and other PC applications with your existing universal IR remote controls.
  • Smaller form factor and fewer buttons makes Firefly Mini our simplest PC remote control yet.
  • Driver-free installation: just plug Firefly Mini into your PC and it automatically works as a HID device.
  • Firefly Mini's arrow keys and OK and exit keys work with the Hulu desktop application to control navigation and playback.

The Firefly Mini is sleek and small with a design fit for your digital living room. With seamless integration with Beyond TV, and now, compatibility with Hulu, Firefly Mini lets you enjoy your digital media from the comfort of your couch.

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