A Holiday Gift That Truly Gives Back

With the holidays right around the corner, many organizations are preparing to recognize their loyal customers the usual cards, fruit baskets, buckets of caramel corn, and party invitations. Although thoughtful, these gifts don’t last very long. Best-case scenario: By Jan. 1, they’re lining some CEO’s stomach or circular file. To set yourself apart, why not show your appreciation by giving them something far more useful, say, a company tech secret? No, you don’t have to share proprietary information. Just tell a few key partners how the SnapStream Server has helped save your business time and money, boost employee productivity, and given you an edge over your competitors. They’ll appreciate the tip, and we’ll thank you with a present of our own: free tech support.

Seriously. For each purchase of a SnapStream Server that results from one of your referrals, we’ll renew your existing maintenance agreement for one year, up to ten years — and it won’t cost you a dime. You can receive a decade of free service just for recommending SnapStream to clients and colleagues. Oh, and on the 10th paid referral, we’ll give you a backup server with the same specs as the one you already own. We’ll even install it on-site and conduct a day of staff training, too. We suspect that even Santa can’t do better than that. Happy holidays!