A new way to search TV: SnapStream Mini, $2,000

SnapStream Mini, TV search applianceToday, we’re taking pre-orders for a new TV search product from SnapStream — the SnapStream Mini.

There are many organizations that don’t need all of the power of a SnapStream Server, but still stand to gain alot from being able to monitor TV with our TV search technology. And that’s why we created SnapStream Mini.

So like the SnapStream Server, SnapStream Mini gives you all the same power to search inside traditional TV shows for mentions of whatever it is you might be looking for. With SnapStream Mini you can:

  • Record traditional TV from regular cable, digital cable, or satellite (SnapStream Mini includes a learning IR blaster)
  • Schedule recordings using our simple program guide
  • Search by keyword within recordings
  • Get e-mail alerts notifying you of mentions of keywords on TV
  • Easily create TV clips and then download them or e-mail them
  • Burn DVDs of full recordings or clips

But here’s how SnapStream Mini is different from SnapStream Server:

  • SnapStream Mini costs $2,000 (vs. SnapStream Servers which start at $8,000).
  • SnapStream Mini can record 2 channels of TV simultaneously (SnapStream Servers can record as many as 10 channels simultaneously)
  • SnapStream Mini can record and search over 1 terabyte of TV recordings, equal to about 1,100 hour (vs. SnapStream Servers have a default capacity of 2 terabytes space, about 2,300 hours, and can be purchased with up to 8 terabytes of usable space, about 10,000 hours.
  • SnapStream Mini’s hardware doesn’t have any redundancy (vs. all SnapStream Servers have redundant power supplies and redundant storage arrays in RAID-5 configuration).

So, SnapStream Mini is a $2,000 TV search appliance geared towards individuals and smaller organizations that want monitor television for whatever it is they are interested in.

We’re taking pre-orders now (place your pre-order here) and we expect to ship the first batch of SnapStream Minis on or before December 15th. And all orders include free U.S. ground shipping.