Ain’t Nobody Gets Out of This Place Without A Dance-Off

SnapStream isn’t lacking for strange traditions, and this one certainly doesn’t break that mold.

In the tradition of singing the blues in Adventures in Babysitting, no one leaves SnapStream without a Dance Central Dance Battle.

Watch the extended clip here, to catch my reference.

And who do we have here, but none other than the man, the legend, the one who takes it to the (PB)MAX, Percy Bell!

For those not in the know, Mr. Max was my office mate, testing cohort and friend of many years who worked at SnapStream until he followed love a few states away three years ago.

Happily, he remembered the good old times and paid us a visit on a recent trip to Houston.

By wearing his SnapStream t-shirt Superman style, he was still able to access the SnapStream lair. We took a tour of the office, highlighting some new additions from the office build-out to the additional racks in the test lab, and then met the some of the new SnapStreamers.

We even took a picture of the two of us in mock fisticuffs…. giving proper homage to all of the late night heated discussions we had about how feature X should work in the software.

Then it was time to say farewell, but as I said, ain’t nobody gets out of this place without a dance-off!