Monitor everything said on TV in Australia

Record, search and monitor TV in Australia

Record and search local and national TV channels in Australia

SnapStream's industry-leading TV monitoring technology spans Australia nationwide, from Melbourne to Sydney and everywhere in between. It's a DVR meets search engine for TV. By ingesting your local over-the-air feed (DVB-T) and closed captions, SnapStream enables you to tap into what's airing in your market and track real-time TV mentions. With these capabailities, we deliver solutions for organizations in broadcastgovernment and education all over the world.

What more can you do with SnapStream?

Record TV

Record multiple channels of TV

Whether you're capturing 20 programs at once, or recording TV channels 24/7, SnapStream handles all of your recording jobs with intelligence and reliability.

Search TV

Search TV by keyword

Find critical mentions of the key topics, people and issues you need to track every day with the precision, power and speed of SnapStream's TV search engine.

Create and share TV clips

Create and Share TV Clips

Produce as many high-quality clips as you want, with no limits or fees. Share TV clips in the cloud with anyone, on any device, anywhere in the world.

Archive TV

Develop a scalable archive

Preserve thousands of hours of TV within SnapStream's server-class database. All content is categorically organized and searchable within the TV library.

TV alerts

Receive real-time TV Alerts

Hang on the first word of breaking news with TV Alerts. Receive e-mail updates on the keywords that matter to you most, in real time or at your selected frequency.

Monitor TV from Mac and PC

Monitor TV from Mac or PC

Access SnapStream from a Mac or PC workstation that is connected over the LAN. SnapStream's interface is available in Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari.

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What's under the hood?

SnapStream DVB-T is a server-class TV appliance, replete with dual-redundant power supplies and hot swappable/hot spare hard drives to help prevent downtime—because we know your recordings are mission critical. It packs 9 TB of storage (with scalable options) in a RAID-5, fault-tolerant configuration, plus a quad-core Xeon processor to handle all of your clipping and transcoding tasks in stride.

Our Australian partner

If you're in Australia and are interested in learning more about SnapStream, you can contact our reseller Digistor or simply fill out the form below.

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