Feature Friday: Jon Hertzing


When you'd rather be eating Dad's homemade pizza than taking a photo

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What’s New in SnapStream 9.5

We’re excited to roll out our newest SnapStream 9.5 release, which is focused on enhanced streams support with live transcription and Slack integration. At a high level, SnapStream 9.5 allows you to:

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Feature Friday: Josie Munoz


Rocking some SnapStream swag: family style!

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Feature Friday: An Dinh


Our support team gets the gold! 

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Loudness Compliance and the CALM Act: What You Need to Know

calm act - loudness compliance - sound-waves-and-human-ear-1


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Feature Friday: Brandon Crowe


Alongside SnapStream, he also supports the Aggies!

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Feature Friday: Meet our Interns!

It’s Feature Friday, and this week we’d like to introduce you to our summer interns! Since 2011, SnapStream has recruited 2-4 outstanding students to work with our Engineering Team during the summers. They work as developers on their own projects and bug fixes (no coffee runs here!) and are truly part of the team, adding valuable contributions that actually end up being used in our products. Even though we aren’t able to have daily nerf gun wars with this year’s interns as we have transitioned to working from home during COVID-19, we have had an awesome time getting to know each of them and are grateful to have them as a part of our team this summer!

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