Neutralizing Media Bias: How The Media Research Center Uses SnapStream

Neutralizing Media Bias: How The Media Research Center Uses SnapStream

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The Media Research Center (MRC) is a Conservative media watchdog group on a mission to neutralize media bias. Formed in 1987, the organization monitors dozens of hours of news every single day across 10-12 channels. In this blog, we will take a brief look at how SnapStream helped the MRC reimagine its archiving and workflows, make the transition to digital, and finally say goodbye to the VCR.

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Politico Case Study

How POLITICO breaks news faster and more accurately

POLITICO has over 4 Million Twitter followers, 1 Million Instagram followers, almost 2 Million Facebook followers and hundreds of Millions of visits on its website every day.

The 13-year-old news organization is one of the most influential in the world, top of its class, and a leader in breaking political news. Video content—clipped from major television networks—has been a huge part of its rise to the top and SnapStream has been an instrumental tool in getting there.



“Finding the actual important moments for breaking news and for providing more context in a real-time fashion would be impossible without SnapStream.”

Brooke Minters, Executive Producer of Video at POLITICO


Increase in TV clips posted

2 hrs to 1 min

Time spent (per clip) post-SnapStream

work anywhere

TV watching & clipping in the cloud

POLITICO’s Challenge

  • Breaking fast-paced political news before the competition, while still maintaining legitimacy through accuracy and context

  • Access to streaming and broadcast video limited to a small number of people within the organization, creating bottlenecks

  • Days-long process to find specific video clips and quotes, with additional time spent on recording, downloading and editing

  • Multi-platform, complicated workflow to live-stream video to social media

SnapStream’s Solution

  • Switching to SnapStream to find and clip news events from major television networks like CNN, MSNBC, and others, POLITICO has harnessed video clipping at a rate of 100 times more per week

  • Along with the expansion of video content usage came dramatic increases in speed and efficiency, keys to solidifying its position as a leader in political news coverage

  • Expanding access to more than 200 SnapStream users, POLITICO also added a foundational workflow tool for television and video across its entire organization


Content might be king, but speed is queen in a world where news is constantly breaking. SnapStream allows for both as POLITICO captures moments that matter within minutes, allowing reporters to quote, fact-check, and add evidence and context through videos clipped from major television news sources to social media posts and online news stories.

With this speed comes the ability to create more content, break more news, and bring more influence and information when and where it matters. Chris Price, a member of POLITICO’s social media team, knows the value of video is far beyond soundbites, adding life as well as evidence to the content they’re sharing. SnapStream is their secret weapon for leveraging and sharing video from a variety of sources.

“If you’re not the first to get it out, you’re usually just buried.”

Chris Price - Politico

Chris Price, Social Media at POLITICO


Empowering more internal users was a large part of unleashing SnapStream’s full potential within the organization, expanding access by a whopping 1,900 percent, going from approximately 10 to 200 users after POLITICO migrated to SnapStream Cloud. Thanks to central authentication using SSO, scaling was easy, quick, and secure. Employees have now become autonomous, independent storytellers within POLITICO, strengthening its editorial capabilities exponentially.

But just as important was SnapStream’s user-friendly experience, which allowed for ease of use and quick adoption. Michael Cadenhead, a video producer and editor at POLITICO, utilizes it in his everyday workflow and says it’s the “most user-friendly live clipping tool” that he’s ever used.

Michael Irwin, Senior Director of Technology Operations and Cybersecurity, says it helps him meet goals like being “as lean and cost-effective as possible to allow my organization to grow indifferent ways,” part of which means giving more tools to more people, meaning more creativity and content is made possible through SnapStream.

Expanding access by

Users increased from
10 to 200

“Something that takes more
hand holding really does directly
impact our ability to publish

Michael Irwin

Senior Director of Technology Operations and Cybersecurity at POLITICO on why a user-friendly platform is imperative


More access and ease-of-use mean collaboration and continuity are also part of SnapStream’s expanded use within POLITICO. Social media teams collaborate more with video production teams, reporters can access and clip video to use in stories easily and efficiently without having to ask and wait for someone else to do it, and live streaming to social media has become the norm (with multiple people knowing how to do it, instead of a single gatekeeper). Being able to access and utilize it concurrently also means no disruptions when time is of the essence.

“Finding the actual important moments for breaking news and for providing more context in a real-time fashion would be impossible without SnapStream.”

Brook Minters - Politico

Brooke Minters, Executive Producer of Video at POLITICO


“Finding the actual important moments for breaking news and for providing more context in a real-time fashion would be impossible without SnapStream. Operating quickly, efficiently, and with the right information, makes it really helpful for us to do our jobs at a high rate.” —Brooke Minters, Executive Producer of Video at POLITICO

SnapStream opened up a new world of video usage to POLITICO, helping it grow reach, engagement, and output as well as improving accuracy, speed, and efficiency of its day-to-day workflow. Increased access coupled with a user-friendly dashboard mean more users than ever are empowered to create and collaborate without adding headaches for the technology department. Using SnapStream helped POLITICO democratize video for staff, break news faster, and stake their claim as an industry leader in a world of rapid-fire political news.

Additional Benefits

Unintentional, but additional positive benefits of SnapStream Cloud mean the need for onsite televisions have been eliminated, with no disruptions in the service as remote working has become the new normal. Users with access can easily search television transcripts for quotes and maintain their connection to the same cable networks as the rest of the team.

Project Summary

SnapStream earned respect as an industry leader because it creates efficiency and saves money for organizations. When POLITICO came to SnapStream, the time-consuming process of video clipping was cost prohibitive and frustrating. Using SnapStream’s tools, what once took hours became a simple process completed in minutes. POLITICO now clips 10x more video than they did pre-SnapStream, empowering hundreds of staff members with the autonomy to access, use and clip moments that matter, adding context and accuracy to stories along the way.


Increase in TV clips posted

2 hrs to 1 min

Time spent (per clip) post-SnapStream

work anywhere

TV watching & clipping in the cloud

About SnapStream

SnapStream’s mission is to help organizations tell great stories by closing the gap between easily searching for memorable television moments and sharing, storing or using relevant video clips in a meaningful way. SnapStream users can quickly search their recorded and live content to create and share the clips that matter most with speed, agility, and efficiency.

We’re how The Daily Show finds clips to present a hilarious and thoughtful take on current events while they’re still current. We’re how POLITICO rapidly breaks news on the website and across social media.

We’re how the United States Senate media teams effectively respond to stories as they air on broadcast news. We’re how the Atlantic Council turns in-depth policy analysis into consumable, newsworthy events.

SnapStream was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Backed by a team of news junkies, cinephiles, media aficionados, and wannabe live streaming influencers who are all really good at what they do, they’re always finding new ways to come together to do work they love and staying one step ahead of an ever-changing media landscape.

How MailOnline Maximizes Speed & Access for its Video & Picture Desks

Like many media organizations, MailOnline's video and picture desk teams were using a variety of screen recorders and other grabbing tools to capture video-based news content. An encounter with the team from SnapStream at an event showed the world’s largest English-language newspaper website that there was a more efficient, effective way to equip and empower its global team.

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The Golf Channel

How Golf Channel Employees Watch & Clip Live U.S. TV From Anywhere in the World


The Golf Channel ( has been using SnapStream to record and distribute broadcast TV at their Orlando, Florida studio since 2012. They later added SnapStream Cloud so executives and production team members could watch US broadcast feeds from anywhere in the world from any device.

The Initial SnapStream Local Appliance Purchase

With a presence in over 200 million households in 84 countries, Golf Channel is the go-to network for 24/7 golf news, tutorials, and tournament coverage. In 2012, the network recognized the need for a video distribution solution that would let all its internal teams (such as media operations, post-production, ad sales, and marketing) capture, clip, and catalog broadcast TV for use in on-air video packages, social media posts, and ad verification.

The channel’s Media Services group evaluated several TV distribution tools, but none featured the image quality or ease of use they required—until they found SnapStream. SnapStream’s reliable hardware, superior video quality, and closed captioning integration offered the perfect solution for Golf Channel’s needs—and for the past several years, the network has relied heavily on SnapStream recording devices to record, review, and distribute video content at Golf Channel studios

The (New) Challenge—Enabling Access To TV From Anywhere

While SnapStream made in-house video distribution a snap, many Golf Channel executives and on-air talent traveled internationally for tournaments, which made it difficult for the network to feed them content. Without access to SnapStream in Orlando, traveling employees were forced to watch live broadcasts at night when they aired on local TV or sit inside the network’s satellite trucks to access tournament playback. With the Open 2017 coming up, the team needed a mobile solution to watch and clip broadcast footage from any location, not just the main studio in Orlando or satellite vehicles.

The Solution – SnapStream Cloud

SnapStream’s innovative SnapStream Cloud was the perfect fit for Golf Channel’s on-the-go team. Built for on-demand access from anywhere, the SnapStream Cloud solution consists of encoders placed at the Orlando studio pushing TV streams to a SnapStream Cloud hosted at hps:// When logged in to SnapStream Cloud, users have access to the same great features that they have on the local appliance, such as live TV, a built-in DVR, closed caption-based search, clipping, and sharing from any location and on any device (laptops, iPads, iPhones, and even hotel room televisions using the SnapStream Cloud app running on the Amazon Fire Stick).

By the first tee of The Open, SnapStream Cloud was already a hit with Golf Channel. Following full configuration and training, the system was “… up and running two to three days before everything was live,” said Don Browning. “It all worked smooth as butter.” The benefits were clear:

  • 24/7 global collaboration: During tournaments, while 30-40 team members on site at the Orlando studio use the appliance, another dozen remote employees can now use the SnapStream Cloud to collaborate in real time with colleagues back at the home studio. Live directors can easily review their work and share broadcast notes—and since SnapStream clips are embedded in emails sent via the cloud, employees can use their phones or tablets to watch and collaborate.
  • Ease of use and reliability: From network engineers to on-air talent, users in every department have found SnapStream to be incredibly easy to use—and the reliability has been rock solid. “It’s a very easy product to use, and anyone can pick it up and use it. It’s straightforward and simple and reliable,” said Browning. Dustin Guest, Director of Media Operations, agreed: “It just works. It’s not very hard to keep it going. It’s a great product.”
  • Easy integration: SnapStream Cloud integrates seamlessly into Golf Channel’s existing workflow. “I was really impressed with the support we got,” said Browning.

About Golf Channel

The Golf Channel ( is an American cable and satellite television network and multimedia company that is a part of the NBC Sports Group division of NBCUniversal. Exclusive partnerships with the world’s top tours allow Golf Channel to feature more live golf coverage than all networks combined, as well as a programming schedule distinguished by golf’s highest-quality news, instruction and original content. Co-founded by Arnold Palmer in 1995, Golf Channel’s headquarters and studios are based in Orlando, Fla. Golf Channel is available in more than 200 million homes in 84 countries in 13 languages around the world through cable, satellite and wireless transmission

About SnapStream

Based out of Houston, SnapStream ( has been making broadcast TV recording, search and distribution products for over a decade. SnapStream’s diverse list of several hundred customers include: almost all the talk shows like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert; TV networks such as CBS, NBC, Golf Channel, MLB TV, and others; News/Entertainment brands such as BuzzFeed, Politico, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vice, Vox, and Slate; sports leagues and teams such as several NFL, NHL, MLS teams, The PGA Tour, Major League Soccer, The LPGA, NASCAR, WWE; the US Senate; the Library Of Congress; and many others.

MLB Network

MLB Network Chooses SnapStream to Search Television

February 22 2010 by Joel

Baseball junkies rejoice! Today we announced MLB Network as the newest SnapStream customer. If you love baseball as much as I do, you’re familiar with MLB Network. Spring training is around the corner. I wonder if they have any news about my Astros…

press release:

MLB Network Chooses SnapStream to Monitor and Search Television

Houston TX, (PRWEB) February 22, 2010 – SnapStream Media, Inc. announced today that MLB Network, the ultimate television destination for baseball fans, will install SnapStream’s TV search technology to monitor the competitive landscape, showcase their on-air marketing executions, and support business development efforts by providing the company with competitive intelligence.

“We will be taking aired content and creating packaged distribution to advertisers, affiliates, and for national and local marketing opportunities,” said Mark Haden, MLB Network’s VP of Engineering and IT. “We had used a variety of methods and SnapStream will allow us a single solution. The user interface is very intuitive and to be able to search using a published program schedule is very slick.”

“MLB Network is one of the most forward-thinking players in the industry,” said Rakesh Agrawal, Founder and CEO of SnapStream. “Having chosen SnapStream over a number of alternative solutions, including building a custom solution in-house, ultimately SnapStream made the cut because we offer a turnkey solution and an ease-of-use that is unmatched in any other product or solution, which re-affirms SnapStream as the optimal way for government, education and entertainment organizations to monitor television.”

The SnapStream TV search solution to be deployed at MLB Network will allow staff to centrally record and archive 4 channels of television; then subsequently search those recordings and create clips.

Visit the website to learn more about SnapStream’s affordable and effective TV search technology

About SnapStream Media, Inc.

SnapStream allows organizations to put their finger on the pulse of traditional television. Customers can record a virtually unlimited number of TV shows from satellite, cable or antenna and then search inside those TV shows to pinpoint television content of interest. Existing customers include government organizations, such as the U.S. Senate and the City of New York, to educational institutions at the university and K-12 level to entertainment organizations such as Comcast Entertainment, Current TV, and MTV.

WBNS-10TV (CBS Affiliate)

How Is WBNS-10TV Posting Clips To Social And The Web 2X Faster?


CBS affiliate WBNS-10TV in central Ohio turned to SnapStream to simplify the process for creating TV clips and posting them to the web with full closed captioning. Now used across several departments, SnapStream has allowed WBNS-10TV to create video clips and post them to Twitter/Facebook and their website 2X faster.


The Challenge – A slow and outdated system

As a CBS network affiliate, WBNS delivers news, entertainment, and sports programming to thousands of viewers. Like many local TV stations, WBNS puts much of its content on its website and distributes TV clips on Facebook and Twitter to reach its audience where they want to watch.

Prior to implementing SnapStream, the station’s process for posting TV clips online was extremely time-consuming. A PC with a capture card stored the video, and editors used the news editing system to cut up low-definition clips and convert them to MP4s so they could be playable online. Clips then had to be uploaded to the content management system(CMS), tagged, and categorized before they could go on the web. It all had to be done from a computer in the office or via a VPN which made the process even slower.

“Our previous workflow was a complex workflow with a lot of failure points, and it was hard to pinpoint where failures happened because there were so many links in the chain. It was not ideal.”  Dan Gialluca, WBNS Digital Content producer.

The Solution – SnapStream

WBNS first learnt about SnapStream at NAB 2016. “I stumbled across SnapStream while I was looking for a simple recording solution and was intrigued by what I saw” said Jamie Caldwell, the IT manager at WBNS. “I knew we were looking for a product for the digital team so I made the introduction”.

The station considered other video platforms, but the infrastructure cost to implement  was far too high. The IT and Digital Team at WBNS chose SnapStream Cloud because it was significantly simpler and faster than their existing process or anything else available. SnapStream Cloud also allowed them to meet the FCC requirement that closed captioning be included with any clips aired on the web.

One key requirement for WBNS was that SnapStream had to be integrated with the Brightcove media player, which was used on their website. This was a feature that was not part of SnapStream Cloud at the time, but SnapStream’s product team worked closely with the WBNS team to add a Brightcove export feature to the SnapStream product.

In March 2017, after a thorough testing process, WBNS rolled out SnapStream Cloud access to its team.  Two RTMP feeds from the studio are sent to the SnapStream Cloud where it is recorded 24X7 and users login by going to from any device. Once logged in, they have easy to use tools to create clips, merge them, add watermarks and publish them to Twitter, Facebook or to the website (via Brightcove).

“SnapStream really went above and beyond to help us set up and test a solution that worked for us. They made sure we were set up for success.”   Dan Gialluca – WBNS Digital Content Producer


SnapStream makes it super easy to post TV clips to Twitter/Facebook from live TV

Clips, animated GIFs screenshots can be posted with a few clicksand

 Assessment – Better, Faster, Easier

Today on a daily basis, around 10 staff at WBNS including the news editors and digital producers use SnapStream Cloud. They use it mainly to create content packages for the website and for Twitter/Facebook. A content package is a collection of clips that cover local or national news and could also cover other themes such as weather or sports.

Since SnapStream Cloud is simple to use and intuitive, training new users is quick and easy. A quick session is all it takes to get new users up and running with SnapStream.

With SnapStream, the process for creating content packages and putting them on the website takes half the time it used to. Also, team members can now create clips and upload them from any PC/Mac from anywhere without having to be in the newsroom or use a VPN. In addition with the new Brightcove integration, WBNS staff can upload clips from SnapStream to the website with a few clicks straight from the SnapStream interface.

“The bottom line is that SnapStream has made it easier and faster for us to get our content out to our audience, so they can access it when and where they want”   Dan Gialluca – Digital Content Producer


About WBNS

WBNS-TV is the most watched news channel in central Ohio, delivering 24-hour news, CBS programming and sports, top-rated syndicated programs and award-winning local programming.


About SnapStream

Based out of Houston, SnapStream has been making broadcast TV recording, search and distribution products for over a decade. SnapStream’s diverse list of several hundred customers include: many local TV stations as well as almost all the talk shows like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert; TV networks such as CBS, NBC, Golf Channel, MLB TV and others; News/Entertainment brands such as Buzzfeed, Politico, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vice, VOX, Slate, Huffpost; Sports leagues and teams such as several NFL, NHL, MLS teams, The PGA Tour, Major League Soccer, The LPGA, NASCAR, WWE;  the US Senate; the Library Of Congress; and many others. Learn more about SnapStream at


The results are in! SnapStream is the father… of Maury’s fan engagement.

November 10 2016 by Sara Howard

If you’re not following The Maury Show on Twitter, you’re missing out on some quality entertainment. The show has been around since 1991, and just aired it’s 3,000th episode. The success of The Maury Show isn’t waning anytime soon as they continue to make strides via social media and fan engagement.

Paul Faulhaber is the executive producer of The Maury Show and realizes the importance of social media in the daytime television landscape.  He decided to bring in Snapstream as a tool for the digital producers, Eric Hanson and Kristin Scheele, to grow the social media presence of The Maury Show.

Kristin and Eric spoke with us about how The Maury Show is harnessing the passion of their fans to deliver real-time engagement

Q: Can you tell me a little about your role at NBCUniversal?

Kristin: I am a field producer and one of the digital producers. Eric is the head person and I help him create original content for our different social platforms. I do a lot of behind the scenes shooting during tape days and create original content with that. I also helping with the daily social posts, whether it’s grabbing funny moments off of SnapStream and posting them or creating GIFs, memes, things like that.

Eric: My role is to take the content from the show and bring it to the second and third screen. Taking what the viewers experience in live TV and putting it on social. Allowing the viewers another way to experience the show.

“My role is to take the content from the show and bring it to the second and third screen… 
Allowing the viewers another way to experience the show.”

– Eric, Producer, The Maury Show

Q: How did SnapStream get implemented at The Maury Show?

Eric: Paul Faulhaber, the Executive Producer of Maury, was instrumental in incorporating SnapStream into the show.  Paul gets social media and the value it adds to our show.  When he first introduced us to SnapStream we were sold.

Kristin: Paul was so excited about Snapstream, it was contagious.  We were fired up and couldn’t wait to incorporate it into our workflow.

 What does your social workflow look like?

Eric: We’re kind of like a big “think tank”. We throw out ideas, between the whole staff. We actively encourage everyone from the producers to the interns and the office managers to help us come up with ideas on what to post. But ultimately, I decide with our Executive Producer, Paul Faulhaber, how and when we’ll encorporate that into our platform.

Q: How does SnapStream fit into this workflow?

Kristin: Over the summer, every day we would do a live chat on Twitter which we used SnapStream for. We would pull stills from the show, creating GIFs, using the live Twitter feed.

SnapStream is a valuable tool for us. We have three other shows in Stamford (where we’re located) and they can’t wait to start using it as well. We (The Maury Show) has been used a guinea pig, but it’s gone so well.

Q: What other aspects/features of SnapStream do you find the most useful for Maury?

Kristin: One of the other major things that we do is put clips directly onto our Facebook page from SnapStream. It’s great that SnapStream includes the closed captioning, native in the video.

We also have an agreement with Amazon Fire, so we upload clips from SnapStream into YouTube, and that aggregates directly to our Amazon Fire account.

Eric: SnapStream has been really wonderful because we incorporate anything we want to use in our social workflow. It also allows us to stay really engaged with our fans. Content is king, and our viewers want new content, fresh content. We may be airing back episodes, but we can still create fresh social content with those episodes.

Kristin: The search function has really been helpful. We’re starting “Out of Control Teen Tuesday” this week. Now that we have a backlog of Maury shows built up in the SnapStream library, we can go in there and do a search for “out of control teens”. We can see every show that we’ve done that includes that search term and post it directly to our social media platforms.

We have a lot of moving parts here, and everyone is so busy. So instead of having to ask other producers or managers to go search for a clip, we can just do a quick search in SnapStream, grab it and share it.

Eric: Another thing that we do with SnapStream is grab stills from the platform and use them in our weekly “caption this” contest.

Q: What was the workflow like before you had SnapStream?

Eric: It was very cumbersome. We’d have to have someone go to the editing bay, mark clips, have them pulled. Then we wait 24-48 hours to have someone pull them, mark them and send them to us.

Now, as I watch the show, I’m pulling and archiving clips, deciding when and where I can use them. A lot of people are incredibly thankful for SnapStream, because it makes our jobs so much easier.

“We were able to go into SnapStream to find all the clips of Searcy and pull those. We can continue the conversation, adding more content to fuel the fire.”


– Eric, Producer, The Maury Show


Q: Can you think of any particular posting or episode where SnapStream was instrumental?

Eric: We just celebrated our 3,000th episode, so we played a lot of Maury’s favorite episodes and guests through the years. We would pull those directly from SnapStream and share via social.

A lot of times when something goes viral, it’s not always because of us. For instance, a reddit user said one of our guests looked like Ted Cruz. So, we were able to go into SnapStream to find all the clips of Searcy and pull those. We can continue the conversation, adding more content to fuel the fire.

Kristin: We love seeing how creative people can be with our clips.

Eric: Since we’ve introduced SnapStream into our platforms, it’s really revitalized our social presence. It really makes us stand out in comparison to other shows. We have this immediacy that sometimes other shows lack.

It’s nice to have a library, or an archive of our shows. Sometimes something will go viral that we didn’t even think about. A lot of times,  you just don’t know what is going to hit. Now we can go back in and add that extra content to the conversation, engaging with our followers and our fans.

“Since we’ve introduced SnapStream into our platforms, it’s really revitalized our social presence. It really makes us stand out in comparison to other shows.”


The Washington Examiner

Framing the Story with Video: How the Washington Examiner Increases Social Engagement.

September 09 2016 by Sara Howard

Started in 2005 as a print publicationThe Washington Examiner is today one of our most active social customers. They’re dedicated to engaging readers by bringing them the latest in breaking news and politics.

One of the driving forces behind this engagement is Sean Langille (fun fact about Sean, he started writing for his city newspaper when he was in 2nd grade). He was nice enough to chat with us about best practices for social engagement and what life was like before SnapStream.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your role at the Washington Examiner?

Sean: I have the title of Digital Engagement Editor, so I work a lot with social media and different ways to digitally market our product. But I also work with vendors to find ways that we can enhance our product. Part of my job is helping to drive digital strategy in Facebook and Twitter and our multi-media content, working with interns to help curate that content.

Q: What is your thought-process behind portraying a visual strategy?

Sean: When we tell a story we try to move beyond just using the text. It’s about using infographics, photos and videos. For instance, just now I was using SnapStream to clip the president saying that Donald Trump was “unfit and woefully unprepared”. We understand that people are going to read text, but we have to offer our audience infographics, imagery and video elements. If they can click through and watch a video of Obama saying the quote, then it provides a much stronger presentation.

“When we tell a story we try to move beyond just using the text. It’s about using infographics, photos and videos”.


Q: Can you tell me how you and your team are using SnapStream? How do you find that it is most effective?

Sean: The way it usually works is that we have interns help us use SnapStream. Usually myself and the other digital editor will  watch videos and speeches and we’ll call out to the interns and say “hey, Obama said this…”. When we’re at the conventions and there are speakers, we’ll all be monitoring it. We actually have a dedicated “Slack” channel that is actually called “SnapStream”, and we can post in there “hey, so-and-so said this, who can grab it?”. The interns cut that up, and then I go through that in the library and further fine-tune it. From there, we put it out to Twitter or Facebook, using “ShowSqueeze” to put it out to Facebook.

washington_examiner_tweet1.pngWe use a social distribution platform called “SocialFlow”, so sometimes we’ll do a combination of directly publishing from SnapStream or sometimes we’ll put it directly into SocialFlow to best optimize when that video should go out. We’d love to see an option to recycle from within SnapStream (UPDATE! This functionality is now available in SnapStream 7.2). For instance, we had one yesterday… Pat Smith was on CNN and we tweeted it out and got 300+ retweets with just that video. We know that kind of content is popular with our audience so it would be great if we had a way to re-package that.


“Now that we have SnapStream, within minutes or seconds of someone saying something newsworthy, we can get that out and be ahead of our competition”.



Sean: Prior to SnapStream, during a debate or big event night, trey_gowdy.pngwe would know when these videos happen so we’d be clipping off of some live stream, literally screen grabbing and then getting it to our video team and then have to wait for editing to push that out.

Now that we have SnapStream, within minutes or seconds of someone saying something newsworthy, we can get that out and be ahead of our competition. If we’re the first one to it, then it takes off. It’s something as simple as Trey Gowdy on “Meet the Press” saying “I endorse Donald Trump”, we take that phrase, put it out there and we’re one of the first. With the amount of social engagement it can drive… I don’t think we could live without it.

Q: Can you tell me about the team workflow?

Sean: Myself and my digital editor will tell the interns about someone being on tv, or a speech, or event. We’ll have interns monitoring these events, and we’ll notice certain soundbites, telling them to pay attention to when a particular person speaks, or to look out for certain terms. What we usually have them do is pay attention to the newsmakers or the broader bites. But with their own initiative, they’re able to look at more content and ask us what we think of additional items.

Sometimes it’s not about what is being said, but physical reactions. People make weird faces, or we’ll catch interesting things like when CSPAN flashed WikiLeaks during Hillary Clinton’s speech. So we’re able to go back into these clips and create GIFs to capture these interesting little moments… like when we captured Hillary Clinton’s weird reaction to fireworks.


Q: How do you manage the timing of social posts? Social happens in an instant, how do you make sure that you’re heard?

Sean: It’s about staying in time, but sometimes offering a little bit different. Can we capture the side that no one else is looking at, getting the contrarian viewpoint. Showing the different sides of the story and not just the one that is popular.

Q: How are you using this for conventions?

Sean: We have setup VPNs, so that people can log into SnapStream wherever they are. This is what we did at the conventions. Overall, things were functioning well and we were able to log in and clip things, as well as coordinate with the interns back in DC.

Q: So, you being away from the office isn’t constricting your ability to post videos and GIFs on Twitter and Facebook?

Sean: No, not at all.

“We’re using SnapStream to transform the way we do social”.


Q: How are you framing the conversation, how are you getting the best reactions?

Sean: It’s about keeping track of what everyone else is doing. We use a lot of listening tools to see what the competition is doing. But we’re trying to advance the story. There is the story of Trump fighting with the Kahn family, as compared to the woman who lost her son in Benghazi speaking at the Republican download.pngNational Convention. We wanted to see what the reaction was to the media coverage of both, and we were one of the few that was using SnapStream to put those videos out there. It’s about being aware of the storyline that everyone else is doing, but what are the other emerging storylines coming out of this.

Sometimes it’s about going beyond the other clips that everyone else is putting out. We want to be thought of as a place where you know you can go to get a good snapshot of what was said at the conventions. Essentially, you have a highlight reel of what everyone said. If you look through our Twitter stream and what we did on Facebook during the convention, we put out 100’s of SnapStream videos, using it as a tool for engagement.


Q: Why is this something that you are passionate about, where did this need to “show both sides” come from?

Sean: I have always been of the mindset that everyone else is covering it the same way, let’s advance the story and see what the other voices are. There are so many voices saying the same thing that in order to differentiate yourself, you have to find ways and find the content that will balance that out. But also, there are stories that will get buried because people are so wrapped up talking about one thing.

What I’m most passionate about is telling the story well. You have to have all the elements to do that, whether it’s infographics, video… because news now isn’t just text. When you click on a news story, what’s going to keep you on the page the longest? We want to establish ourselves as an authority for a certain kind of content. So that if you want this kind of content, we are where you go.

Q: Thank you so much for speaking with me Sean, is there anything else you wanted to add or talk about before we wrap up?

Sean: We’re using SnapStream to transform the way we do social. We’re trying to reach a society that’s a little bit ADD, and entice them to actually read a news story. I think the larger story is how news outlets are using every tool at their disposal, especially SnapStream, to make sure that news as a written medium doesn’t die.



About Sean Langille

Sean Langille is Digital Engagement Editor for the Washington Examiner. He also serves as an associate producer for Fox News Channel, where he aided in the launch of the Fox News First daily political email newsletter. Sean also has an extensive radio background having produced “The Laura Ingraham Show” and working as an on-air host in Virginia and Massachusetts.

SportsNet New York

How SportsNet New York Simplified and Accelerated its TV Clipping Process with SnapStream


SportsNet New York implemented SnapStream to empower everyone at the company to find TV clips quickly and easily without special technological expertise. With SnapStream in place, all recorded content is searchable and can be accessed from any workstation. SnapStream is considered a “game changer” and “one of the best tech investments ever made” at SNY

The Challenge

As a regional sports network, SportsNet New York is the television home of the New York Mets and New York Jets and airs a variety of sporting events and commentary shows throughout the week.

As a video content company, SNY needed a fast and easy way to record their own channel and other relevant content, search efficiently, find clips and share them with various stakeholders such as network executives, advertisers and on-air talent.

The process of finding the right clips was extremely time consuming. SNY used a Mediaproxy server to record all its content, but that video quality was low and the content wasn’t easily searchable. Employees had to spend hours reviewing various shows to find the right moments for clips. Then, in order to share it, they had to use their AVID NewsCutter program to create high-resolution clips, edit them and export them. It was a cumbersome process that SNY IT Director Gil Santana called “out-of-this-world bonkers.” Only a few people knew how to do it. Employees from the C-suite, sales, marketing, the newsroom and production that needed clips leaned on the small group of editors and media managers to provide the content, which created more work for them. When guests came on a show and wanted a clip of themselves, the archivist had to take time away from his day-to-day tasks to create them.

“Our previous workflow for creating clips was out-of-the-world bonkers” - Gil Santana (IT Director)

The Solution

In 2015, The Systems Group (now part of Diversified) encouraged Santana to look at SnapStream as way to improve this workflow. After reading about how The Daily Show uses SnapStream and seeing a demo of the product, the decision to purchase was relatively easy because the benefits were so obvious.

In late 2015 SNY installed a four-channel 20 TB SnapStream Enterprise server. The system is fed from the in-house custom QAM feed and recordings are made as MPEG-2 and then transcoded to H.264.

Users at SNY have access to SnapStream on their workstations (PC or Mac) and on their mobile devices. SnapStream works natively in any browser and on all types of devices making access a breeze. Additionally eight SnapStream TV Set-Top Boxes were deployed in large conference rooms and in the offices of the C-suite so executives can even access SnapStream on large TVs.

The Result

SNY has been using SnapStream since 2015, and the company has saved hundreds of hours of time. With SnapStream, SNY has been able to:

Create a searchable database of the network’s video content.

More than 18 months’ of SNY content is now stored on its SnapStream, and new video is added every day. More than half of the company’s 130 employees use SnapStream on a daily basis, and SnapStream’s Search capability has made it extremely easy to find the clips they need instantly.

Empower any employee to quickly create and share video clips.

Instead of a few specially trained editors being able to create video clips, now anyone can do it – and in a few seconds instead of hours. Ad sales can pull clips of every mention of various advertisers so those clients can see their investments at work. Directors can review and share feedback on content with the producers. On-air talent can look back at their work on a regular basis. Producers can provide courtesy clips for celebrity guests. Management can analyze content for mistakes, grammatical errors or other issues. The digital marketing team can pull clips for social media posts or the company website.

Clipping tools available on any device, even mobile.

Adding to the speed and convenience is SnapStream’s mobile capability, which enables users to search for content, create clips and send them directly from their mobile phones or tablets. In the past, they would have had to call someone at a physical PC, have them find the file in the NewsCutter program, upload it to a file-sharing site, create a link and then share it with the recipient. Now they can simply create the clip and share it from SnapStream. “That’s powerful,” Santana said.

“Our CEO calls it one of the best investments we’ve ever made… It was a definite game-changer for us. It’s a must-have tool for any company in the video content creation sphere.” 

The SportsNet New York studio

About SportsNet New York

SNY is the official television home of the New York Mets, Jets and all things New York sports. SNY features unparalleled, exclusive access to the New York Mets with more than 130 live telecasts each season as well as other Emmy Award winning Mets entertainment programming. As the official TV home of the New York Jets, SNY delivers more than 300 hours of exclusive year-round content devoted to Gang Green. SNY is also the official TV home of the UConn Huskies Men's and Women's basketball programs, televising over 450 hours of UConn programming annually, including more than 20 live games. As New York's leader in local sports TV coverage, SNY delivers the most comprehensive access to all of the Tri-State area's professional and collegiate sports teams through five nightly sports and entertainment programs from SNY's street-level studio in the heart of Manhattan. SNY's programming roster also includes classic sports programming, critically acclaimed original entertainment shows, and exclusive interview and magazine programs. Founded by Sterling Entertainment Enterprises, Time Warner and Comcast, SNY is available to viewers throughout New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and northeastern Pennsylvania, and nationally on DIRECTV, Verizon FiOS, Comcast Cable, and AT&T U-Verse.

About SnapStream

Based out of Houston, SnapStream has been making broadcast TV recording, search and distribution products for over a decade. SnapStream’s diverse list of several hundred customers include: almost all the talk shows like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert; TV networks such as CBS, NBC, Golf Channel, MLB TV and others; News/Entertainment brands such as Buzzfeed, Politico, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vice, VOX, Slate, Huffpost; Sports leagues and teams such as several NFL, NHL, MLS teams, The PGA Tour, Major League Soccer, The LPGA, NASCAR, WWE;  the US Senate; the Library Of Congress; and many others. Learn more about SnapStream at