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Find. Create. Publish.

SnapStream makes it easy to create clips that power audience engagement, boost your brand's influence, and drive monetization. Shape the narrative in three quick steps—find memorable moments, transform them, and share them to Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Transform Memorable Moments Into Clips

Transform key cultural moments from TV and your own video feeds into video clips, GIFs, and screenshots.

Post Content to Social in a Snap

Boost engagement by posting to social before anyone else via direct multi-platform sharing.

Drive Advertising Dollars

Elevate your monetization strategy by placing a dollar amount on your boosted social stats.

SnapStream live clipping interface
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Built for Speed

Live clipping cheat sheet

Create, Transform, & Share to Social

  • Edit clips in seconds (add pre-roll and post-roll branding, make square clips for Instagram, and more) 
  • Instantly post clips to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Email clips to anyone
  • Export clips directly to over a dozen third-party services, including Dropbox, Ooyala, and more

Get Started Fast

  • Login from anywhere via SnapStream Cloud
  • Quickly teach everyone on your team how to use SnapStream—no lengthy training sessions required
  • Reach out anytime if you need help—our US-based support team has got your back 24/7

    Clip and Share Without Missing a Beat

    “We see it live and we immediately jump into SnapStream. It goes straight to Twitter from there in seconds.”

    Matt Gardner. Vice President, Digital Media & Emerging Technology at St. Louis Blues

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    SnapStream and the St. Louis Blues

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