Monitoring TV with DVRs and TiVos

If you're racking up one-off TV mentions, a TV clipping service will gladly supply you with a $200 TV clip. But who can afford to keep paying that premium for dozens of clips every month? Or pay the ever-increasing prices of yearly online subscription fees?

The fees all add up, and oftentimes, the quality of those TV clips comes low resolution. And when you need a high-quality TV clip, who has time to wait days for FedEx?
Take control over the TV channels you monitor and make unlimited TV clips at your disposal.

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SnapStream vs Clipping Services


Clipping Service

High quality recordings and clips

Multiple user seats included

No per-clip fees

No yearly/monthly clipping service fees

Ability to record/access entire shows

Org owns the recording equipment

Stream live TV to users' desktop PCs

Access to TV media in multiple markets