Cliptastic! Daniel Freed’s montage made with SnapStream

What I love about working at SnapStream is getting to see what people DO with our software. Here, Daniel Freed shows us a bona fide example of user-generated content. You have to watch the introductory video (below) that he recently put together using SnapStream.

For the past few years, Daniel Freed has been honing his skills at harnessing SnapStream for comedic purposes while working at Current TV’s clip show, infoMania. As the show’s supervising producer, he figured out how to integrate the technology into the clip show’s workflow.

The tagline for infoMania says it all: “Chewing up the week’s media so we can regurgitate it, half-digested, into your mouth.” Mmm, Yummy. But before the pundits can chew out the media, they have to first find the hot trending topics.

During that process, TV Search technology becomes a rich source of inspiration. It’s like giving squishy Play-Doh to a young child and saying “make something.”

In the hands of talented writers, and producers like Daniel, the editable, linkable and clippable substance (of television) can be played with and molded.

But to these creatives’ credit, you won’t find imagination for sale on our products page.

Currently, Daniel is looking for work on other shows, and he says if SnapStream is involved (or even potentially), he would love to continue creating fresh content with this technology. For a knee-slapping good chuckle, check out some more of Daniel’s work, on his page and on Hulu.