Closed captioning bloopers, blunders, gaffes, goofs and FAILS!

It’s no secret that closed captioning data is mission critical to SnapStream’s powerful TV search technology. For the deaf or hard-of-hearing, closed-captioned text provides a critical link to the news, entertainment and information that is contained in the audio portion of a television program. Likewise for SnapStream super users, closed captioning serves an equally important purpose, as the data source for the TV search framework.

Because we eat, breathe and snuggle with CC data here at SnapStream, we get a kick out of the silly slipups that arbitrarily appear in televised text. And here’s a bit of irony to chew on: the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the organization responsible not only for mandating closed captioning, but also for regulating obscenity, indecency and profanity on the air.

Now have a good laugh at these uncensored closed-captioned catastrophes.