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What Is SnapStream?

Watch & Record TV

Record 1 to 100+ TV shows at a time. From any source (antenna, cable, satellite, RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH or UDP). And watch TV from any where on any device.

Search TV

Search inside shows using SnapStream TV Search. Find the exact phrase you are looking for. It's like Google for TV.

TV to Twitter & Facebook

Quickly share TV clips, animated GIFs or screenshots directly to Twitter and Facebook. 

Who Uses SnapStream?

SnapStream Express Trial

Record lots of TV. Search inside the shows with captions. Post to Twitter/FB.
SnapStream is how the Daily Show finds all their clips. It's also how Politico and Buzzfeed post clips to Twitter and Facebook. Interested to learn more? Signup for a free trial below.

The DVR for Business

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