Monitoring TV with DVRs and TiVos

DVRs like TiVo came about in 1999, and they're still heavily relied upon today in the consumer world. But, if you're in the business of monitoring and recording TV, you'll need something significantly stronger and more powerful. Something with redundancy in case your building's power goes out. (Why did the DVR reset and fail?) Something more streamlined.

Because having to manage multiple DVR boxes is no fun: Which DVR was that recording on again? Am I pointing the remote control at the right DVR? Where is that 5 o'clock news clip that mentioned us?

If this sounds like you, you're probably spending a lot of time hassling, when you could be simply searching TV and making digital clips. Get a slice of your life back. Take up basketweaving. Do better things with your time.

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Recording TV with DVRs and TiVos