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Customize your TV monitoring experience

If you’re a crafty coder and have customized media monitoring needs, then our SnapStream API was made for you. The API is a set of functions that are exposed to developers, allowing them to programmatically interface with the underlying SnapStream software. In layman’s terms, SnapStream’s API lets developers do cool things like create custom workflows and combine SnapStream with other third-party tools.

SnapStream free API

The best things in life are free

You've heard the popular saying, "there's no such thing as a free lunch," right? Wrong. The SnapStream API is a free tool, accessible to all current SnapStream customers. Just log on to for further details.

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Who can use the API?

Software developers familiar with JSON Web Services can put their skills to work, to effectively customize their SnapStream experience. As long as you’re a current SnapStream customer and have the necessary user permissions, the sky’s the limit as far as what you can create with the SnapStream API.

Familiar with JSON Web Services
Accessing SnapStream API

How to interface with the API:

You can interface with the SnapStream API in one of two ways.

1. You can build off of the sample code, which we provide. Here is a link containing some of our samples:

API Examples

2. Or, you can start your API journey from the ground up. Here is a link to provide you with an introduction to our API:

API Intro

What can you do with the API?

  • Programmatically interface with SnapStream's software
  • Pass and receive data from SnapStream to external applications
  • Manage and create tasks
  • Search and create notifications
  • Automate custom workflows
SnapStream API

Examples of custom API workflows:

The SnapStream API’s robust tool set allows you to do a lot of cool customization. You can categorize the customization into two types of automation: time-driven and user-driven. Here are some examples:

Time driven automation

Time Driven Automation

  • At midnight, copy all new recordings to the network.
  • After a clip has been generated, automatically create a copy of the clip and save it in archived storage.
  • After a recording finishes, take the SRT (closed captioning) and email it to someone.
User driven automation

User Driven Automation

  • When a user searches for a term, take the top ten shows and list them in an internal RSS feed.
  • Create a custom Web portal that ties together SnapStream transcripts with additional third-party services (print, internet, newswire, etc). See Densan Consultants story >>
  • Build an application the allows users to add tags, description data and closed-caption information to a recording.

SnapStream API solution: a multimedia search portal

Densan Consultants using SnapStream API

Densan Consultants, one of SnapStream’s custom code partners, has leveraged SnapStream’s API to create a customer-facing Web portal that allows the end-user to search TV transcripts from two SnapStreams, a collection of 50+ federal government news publications, and newswires—all from a single, unified interface. Did we mention that the two SnapStream systems are located in two completely different regions of Canada? Learn more >>

Get started customizing!

Are you ready to start your API journey? Go to for complete details, code samples and support.

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