Shrink files using ShowSqueeze

Stretch TV recording archive to from 3 to 9 months

ShowSqueeze is how SnapStream quickly converts native MPEG-2 recordings to H.264, WMV or XDCAM. These compressed formats take up less space and help maximize the amount of TV content you’re able to store.

Transcode TV to WMV, H.264 and XDCAM

Retain Video Quality

Transcode MPEG-2 recordings or clips to a variety of formats. H.264 delivers the same quality at half the bitrate and size of MPEG-2. QuickTime, WMV 7 and WMV 9 all offer similar video quality at smaller sizes. XDCAM, commonly used in broadcast, is conducive to importing clips directly into editing suites.

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Automatic Workflows

Workflows allow you to set up recurring, automated actions for certain recordings and clips, selected based on your filters. Here's how it works:


1. Triggers

Select the condition to Trigger the resulting Action. For example: 30 days after a recording finishes.


2. Groups

Specify which User Groups have permission to execute a particular Workflow.

Workflow Groups

3. Filters

Apply Filters to narrow down the type of recording or clip that will undergo the Action. For example: Recordings FROM CHANNEL CNN but excluding the SERIES Anderson Cooper 360.

‘OR’ filtering allows you to combine similar workflows, eliminating clutter and enhancing your workflow process. NEW

Workflow filters

4. Actions

Actions are the execution of the Workflow rule. For example: TRANSCODE two copies, one in H.264 and one in WMV, and save them to the NEWS folder. More examples include: Move older recordings off to network-attached storage or cloud storage using Amazon S3. Automatically share clips in the cloud. Export items to FTP or the more secure SFTP.

Workflow actions
ShowSqueeze Live

ShowSqueeze Live

Initiate ShowSqueeze when a broadcast begins. Transcoding continues into real time as it airs. When it’s done airing, your new file is ready to go.

Store More TV

A 3TB SnapStream stores over 3,600 hours of TV (standard-def, recorded in fair quality). ShowSqueeze that same content to H.264, at the same quality, and the archive depth expands beyond 12,700 hours.

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Transcoding to a smaller video size like H.26
ShowSqueeze compression table
ShowSqueeze node

ShowSqueeze Node

The SnapStream ShowSqueeze Node runs high CPU tasks (such as ShowSqueeze, clipping and sharing TV) in high volume. Achieve up to 10 real-time transcodes simultaneously in SD and up to 8 in HD. It integrates with your primary SnapStream and preserves the native search metadata—something a third-party transcoding solution cannot do.

Workflows in Action

Police department keep media archive

Police Departments

Police departments are usually required to keep a media archive dating back at least three months, but any PIO would rather preserve content for as long as possible. Workflows can be configured to maintain a three-times-larger video stockpile, stored at lower resolutions.

Transcode TV to iPad and iPhone

iPads and iPhones

Transcode whichever recordings you'd like to H.264, which is the Apple-optimized streaming standard for mobile devices.

Maintain TV airchecks

TV broadcasters

TV stations generally maintain airchecks for one year, for billing purposes and accuracy monitoring. Recorded 24/7, this video can take up immense disk space. With Workflows, TV stations can transcode files to reduce their size and triple the average recording's shelf life in SnapStream.

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