Get Your Hands On SnapStream 5.2

We are thrilled to announce the availability of SnapStream’s fifth generation TV search software for enterprise users! For the first time, eligible SnapStream users can upgrade their 4.x SnapStream appliances. Get the full lowdown here.
What's new in SnapStream 5.2

1. Build a SnapStream Cluster

+ Record and search more TV by adding SD/HD tuners
+ Expand your archive with SnapStream Storage Nodes
+ Save disk space by mass-ShowSqueezing recordings to Windows Media or H.264

⇒ Learn more about expanding your SnapStream solution


2. Benefit from reliability improvements

+ Improved database backend: SQL Server Express instead of INI and XML files
+ Record TV and execute tasks with greater fault tolerance
– Recordings and post-processing tasks are dispatched across nodes with more intelligent error handling
+ Service architecture designed from the ground up to be more robust
– For example, you will receive a notification e-mail if any individual tuner goes offline
and each tuner will automatically be reallocated to match your recording priorities

3. Stronger foundation for the future

+ New web interface runs on Microsoft IIS Express and is simpler, more nimble, and more intuitive
+ Improved logging enables you to easily search your logs to isolate user activity and resolve problems
+ “Round-robin” file distribution makes more efficient use of disk space

⇒ Read the complete SnapStream 5.2 Release Notes

Am I eligible for this upgrade?

It depends on several factors:
• You must be within a current and fully-paid service contract.
• Your SnapStream Server must meet the hardware qualifications—SnapStream Servers on a first generation platform, with varied drive configurations, or less than 4GB RAM will not qualify up front, but hardware upgrades can be made on a case-by-case basis.
• Contact us by phone at 1-877-696-3674 or at [email protected] to confirm if you’re eligible.

Why should I upgrade?

Best reasons for you to upgrade now:
• You want to simplify the task of managing multiple SnapStream Servers by combining them into a single SnapStream Cluster.
• There’s a bug fix in 5.2 that solves a problem you’ve been encountering. Reference the full
5.2 release notes.
• You seek to expand the number of TV channels you record, the amount of storage available or the amount of ShowSqueezing you do. Learn more about clustering.

How do I upgrade?

If you’re running 4.x, the upgrade to 5.2 will be a hands-on process with our support team. After prep, the entire upgrade procedure can involve up to a day of downtime. Additional SnapStream equipment may be recommended or even required.
If you’re already on 5.x, the upgrade process is relatively easy. Contact our support team for upgrade instructions.

OK, I’m interested in upgrading!

Contact our support team to discuss your eligibility, benefits and upgrade strategy. SnapStream technical support representatives are available Monday – Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST by phone at 1-877-696-3674 or e-mail at [email protected].