Guide to TV Recording in H.264

How does the SnapStream Encoder work with my SnapStream DVR?

Your TV source gets connected to the SnapStream Encoder (Component/HDMI or QAM/ATSC) and your SnapStream Encoder connects to your SnapStream DVR over the LAN.

What are the benefits of recording in H.264?

  • Seamless playback in all modern browsers and devices with no browser plugin needed.
  • Automatically convert recordings and clips to H.264. No need for a transcode workflow.
  • Higher clip precision with frame accurate clipping for H.264 MP4 recordings and clips.

What browsers are supported with H.264 playback?

Plugin-less playback with H.264 is supported in all modern browsers and devices including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

How will the video quality compare to MPEG2 recordings?

In most cases, the video quality in H.264 will be comparable to the quality delivered by MPEG2 at a lower bitrate. H.264 recordings are supported in a variety of quality profiles, from full HD (1080P) to low bitrate options more suitable for streaming over the internet.

How many SnapStream Encoder do I need?

Each SnapStream Encoder can simultaneously encode 4-inputs. For example, if you have a 10-channel SnapStream HD Server, you will need a quantity of 3 SnapStream Encoders.