Happy Holidays from SnapStream!

Dear TV Searchers,

It’s your lucky day. Your favorite television personalities have come together to wish you a joy-filled holiday season.

Stephen Colbert, Kelly Ripa and Conan O’Brian, along with others, contributed their greetings on-air from across the broadcast spectrum.

Well, sort of.

By way of our magical television search software, we present you with one continuous holiday greeting, made organically out of real television clips. No preservatives or artificial content added.

You see, with SnapStream TV Search you can easily search by keyword for anything said on TV. (We crawl the closed-captioning and program metadata.) From there, you can simply create clips and play them out into any editing suite, such as Avid or Final Cut Pro.

Lo and behold, that’s precisely what Daniel Freed did. He crafted the SWEET VID below by weaving together multiple sources of mainstream television media. Though our software is intuitive for even the most fledgling user, the next step of video editing admittedly requires “mad skills.” So, we give Mr. Freed serious props for the artful video blending.

If you’re producing any kind of TV show where clips are involved—be it a news, talk, or comedy program—you’ll definitely get a kick out of this…

Without further ado, please enjoy this freshly-baked video treat!

Season’s Greetings,

Daniel Freed is a longtime SnapStream user and renaissance man of comedy writing, video production, filmmaking, investigative reporting and beyond. He currently exercises these talents at Tribune Broadcasting.

Thanks again, Daniel, producing this ultimate Holiday remix! danielfreed.com

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