How SnapStream Works

How SnapStream fits in your organization


TV source
Which SnapStream Encoder
Cable or satellite set-top box
Cable or satellite set-top box
Over-the-air antenna
Over-the-air antenna
Clear QAM
In-house QAM
Analog cable
Analog cable

Choose your SnapStream Appliance

SnapStream Enterprise

SnapStream HD/SDSchedule a Call

Features: Expands on core SnapStream features, including Recording, Search, Clipping, Sharing, with powerful options such as:

  • Scalability through clustering
  • Transcoding
  • Workflows for automatic post-processing
  • Active Directory integration, API access and more

Channels: Record up to 15 channels (max).


  • (SATA) 8TB – 48TB (RAID 6)
  • (SSD) 4TB – 36TB (RAID 6)

Expandability: Cluster multiple appliances together for unlimited recording and storage.

Users: Unlimited users.

Network: 1Gb, 10Gb copper, 10Gb fiber Ethernet.

Compatibility: Compatible with all TV sources.

Available worldwide.

Connect to your LAN

Connect SnapStream to your organization’s wired or wireless LAN for easy access to television.

Connect to your wireless LAN

You’re Done!

Now everyone in your organization can watch TV on every Mac and PC.
And don’t forget you can expand your SnapStream as your needs grow.

SnapStream connected via browser

+ SnapStream Add-ons

+ ShowSqueeze node

SnapStream ShowSqueeze node

The newly designed SnapStream ShowSqueeze Node supplements the SnapStream appliance with additional processing power for workflows involving high volumes of transcoding and other tasks. It quickly transcodes recorded TV from MPEG-2 to H.264 or WMV, and can run up to 10 SD or 8 HD real-time transcodes simultaneously.

+ HD/SDI playout node

SnapStream HD/SDI playout node

The SnapStream HD-SDI Playout Node converts recorded TV files to SDI, the industry-preferred option for broadcast-grade video. It can play out full-length recordings or TV clips from SnapStream directly into editing suites like Avid and Final Cut Pro.

+ Proxy Generation node NEW

SnapStream storage node

The SnapStream Proxy Generation Node generates low bitrate, low-res proxy files for up to 20 simultaneous recordings. Watch your recordings using much less bandwidth, while clips and exports occur on the original high bitrate, high-res recordings.

+ Storage node

SnapStream storage node

The SnapStream Storage Node supplements SnapStream with additional storage, from 4TB to 40TB, as a robust platform for building an extensive TV archive. It clusters seamlessly, so all recorded TV content remains actively searchable and usable within SnapStream’s ecosystem.

+ Third-party storage license

Expand your SnapStream library onto your own NAS or SAN for a per-TB license cost.

With managed TV, SnapStream can manage your TV sources so you can focus on recording, searching, clipping, and publishing newsworthy moments.

How to Get Started with SnapStream in Three Easy Steps

Green circle with number 1 in white

Activate TV Service

We connect you with our preferred cable provider. You make one phone call to activate the channel package that best fits your needs. Add SnapStream as an authorized manager on your account. We take care of the rest, from install and hosting to setting up your initial recordings.

Green circle with number 2 in white

Sign In

Once your install is completed in our data center – approximately 7-10 business days after subscribing for cable service – your Customer Success Manager will contact you with cloud login details. We start recording national broadcast TV content before your first sign in so you can start using SnapStream to its fullest on day one.

Connect to your wireless LAN

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Start Snapping

You made it! You’re ready to lead the conversation and share news faster.

Add users so everyone across your organization can start watching, searching, clipping, and publishing newsworthy TV moments as they happen.

SnapStream connected via browser