How to Create an Animated GIF with Meme Text in SnapStream

Have the perfect joke to go with your animated GIF? SnapStream makes it simple to make incredible animated GIFs from television and add meme text directly to the GIF! Easily tweet, e-mail or share the GIF memes from right inside the SnapStream interface.

Set a start-point and end-point for the clip that you would like to make a GIF. Choose the clip button to bring up options for your clip.

Add a title for your GIF. You can also select tags and folder destination for the GIF. Choose “Create Animated GIF” from the “Clip And” picklist. Select “Clip.”

Choose "Keep Clip" if you would like to keep the clip made for your GIF after it has been animated.

Next, choose a resolution, sample frame rate and speed at which you would like your GIF to play. SnapStream will estimate the size of your GIF at the parameters chosen. (Note: GIF files can be quite large. We recommend GIFs to be just a few seconds in length to keep the file size small. Twitter currently only allows GIFs under 5 mb to be uploaded.)

To include meme text directly onto the GIF, click “Add Meme Text.” The text will automatically be centered on your GIF. The first line will be centered at the top of the GIF. The second line will be centered on the bottom. Click “Clip” to begin the animating process.

Once the GIF has been animated, SnapStream will give you the option to view and save, tweet or e-mail the GIF from inside the SnapStream interface!

This how-to document applies to versions 6.6 and higher

Eric Cohn

Customer Success Specialist