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How to Create and Run SnapStream Workflows

Workflows allow you to set up recurring actions for specific types of recordings. Workflows provide powerful customization to help automate administrative and user-level tasks. In this example, we will have recordings from NBC Nightly News automatically transcoded to H.264 and exported to a shared drive. This will enable quick access to TV content for the Marketing team.

Click on “Admin” > “Workflows” and choose “Add New Workflow”.

Set your Trigger from the Trigger Conditions drop down menu. Drag and drop any filter(s) you want to add to your workflow.

Drag and drop any action(s) you want to add to your workflow. Once you are done, press the Save button.

Your new workflow is complete and is immediately running. If you need to make edits, simply click on it in the list.

Eric Cohn

Customer Success Specialist