Viewing and Sharing

How to Create Deep Video Links to SnapStream Recordings

Want to share a specific point in a recorded program without having to create a clip? Deep video links give you the ability to specify a start point in a recorded program and generate a unique URL link which you can send via email. It's a lightweight way of sharing without the work of creating a clip. It also saves time when reviewing multiple videos with a colleague. This feature requires the recipient to have access to SnapStream.

Choose a starting point in the video. It can be anywhere you'd like. Then go to the "About" tab.

Click “Link to Show.”

Check “Current Time.”

Copy and paste link in an email. User clicking the link will be taken to the moment in the TV show.*

* requires user to have access to SnapStream.

The video starts like a bookmark in the video.

Eric Cohn

Customer Success Specialist