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How to Import Video Files Into SnapStream

Have a file you need to re-import into SnapStream? SnapStream’s Import File options allow you to import previously recorded video files and compatible video files from any source. Compatible video files include .mpg (MPEG-2), .wmv (Windows Media Video), .mp4 (H.264) and .tp (MPEG-2 transport streams).

Choose “Import File” under Settings on the Admin page to go to the Import File page.

Click “Select File” to browse to the file you would like to upload. If you have a .srt text file for closed captioning, click “Select Srt File” to browse to the text file.

Choose the Library Destination Folder for the imported recording. Click submit to begin the import.

Your file will be uploaded to your SnapStream.

Once the file has been uploaded, you can add meta-data such as show title, description, genre and tags. This meta-data will become searchable once completed. Click “Save” when finished inputting meta-data.

Your imported video is now available in the Recording Library.

This how-to document applies to versions 5.10 and higher

Eric Cohn

Customer Success Specialist